This week’s theme is… TIME.


Time has always intrigued me. Because you can’t see it. You can’t feel it. It just… happens. You see the effects of time, but you can’t actually see time. I also think it’s interesting how, in outer space, time literally slows down the farther you get from the earth.

Below is a quote from my upcoming book titled Black Tiger: 

Time is such a strange and imperceptible thing. Seconds bleeding into minutes, bleeding into hours, until so much of it has crept by, and you’re left wondering when you lost count. Every second is the same. Every second is created equal. But time… time slows down and speeds up without giving a second thought to seconds. Time slips through our fingers like minnows. Time creeps through the cracks of bark like sap. Time can seem like a heavenly blessing or an infinite march to our death.

Time controls us.

Since time seems to become more precious as we get older, I thought “Stressed Out” by Twenty One Pilots would be a good song to post. 😉

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