Finding Time to Write

Time seems to be more precious when winter ends and summer begins. You know you only have so long before the days get cold and short again, and you want to soak up every moment of sunlight. At least I do.

candle, old typewriter and old book

And when you have children, time is THAT much more precious. I remember the good old days, when I had the luxury of having a writing routine… BEFORE sitting down to actually write. Get comfy clothes on. Make hot beverage of choice. Grab some brain food. Put on music. Light some candles. (Yes, I totally did this every day.) And then I would sit and write.

For hours.

It was bliss.

Then I had kids and had to shorten my routine a little and schedule it around my son’s naps. Then I had TWO kids and now I’m literally scrambling for time. (Seriously, those of you with three+ kids, who still find time to write, You. Are. Amazing.)

So, no routine anymore. If both kids happen to nap or go to bed at the same time, I’ll make a hot beverage, and that’s it. Every spare moment not spent on kids or housework goes to writing.

QOTP: When do YOU find time to write?

4 thoughts on “Finding Time to Write

  1. It’s really hard for me to find writing time. I don’t have the excuse of having kids though! I have a lot of different responsibilities, but at my work we’re able to read and write between calls (I work at an answering service, it’s way more fun than you’d think!) I write sometimes, when it’s not too busy. I need to work on an actual routine though. I get snippets of writing every day, I try anyway.

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    1. Nice! Full time jobs can make it hard to write. I used to work the night shift in a factory, and it took a lot of discipline and will-power for me to forego the tv and choose to write instead. So totally get that!

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