Fiction Friday: A Time to Speak

So, I forgot to blog on Monday and Wednesday this week. I’m sure everyone noticed. (Kidding). Actually, you probably didn’t notice, but now I totally gave myself away. *Hides* I’m still working on my consistency with blogging. My life is very fly-by-the-seat-of-the-pants, and I’m still learning to treat my writing life like a career instead of a hobby. 😛 Have patience with me!

BUT I did do something right this month. See, I posted my book review for A Time to Die by Nadine Brandes LAST Friday, and as it turns out, NEXT week is the cover reveal for the third and final dystopian book in the series: A Time to Rise. Because of that, I’m going to post my book review for the second book, A Time to Speak, TODAY so that it looks like I scheduled all this on purpose and I appear very organized and clever. 😉


So, to start off, I personally liked the setting of A Time to Die more than the setting of A Time to Speak. BUT I feel like Brandes’ writing is stronger in the second book. I mean, the first book was really well written. But a tear might have actually broken through with A Time to Speak, and I don’t cry easily with books. Also, I might maybe like the love interest in A Time to Speak more. ❤

THAT said, here are 10 reason I loved A Time to Speak, without giving out major spoilers:

1. Adventure.

2. Cool inventions (Ahem, spider bombs.)

3. Antarctica

4. Sea Turgles and Stingrings

5. Raw relationships

6. Obscure characters (*cough* Skelley Chase *cough*)

7. Hope

8. Tight-rope battles (need I say more?)

9. Cliff-hangers

10. Solomon Hawke (He could have made all ten reasons by himself, so…)

There you have it. Now go buy it. And don’t forget to tune in NEXT FRIDAY for the cover reveal of the third and final book A Time to Rise!! (I haven’t even seen it yet and am sitting at the edge of my seat, biting nails anxiously. As you should be.)

One thought on “Fiction Friday: A Time to Speak

  1. OMG YES I loved all your reasons. Solomon Hawk was THE highlight of the book for me. I do not cry in books very easily AT ALL unless something sucker punch knocks me flat out – that I cannot see coming. 99% of the plot I saw coming, even near the very end. Anything I saw coming wasn’t cry-worthy but IT WAS definitely terribly emotional I will say that!! I’ve only cried in 2 books that I can remember. One was because I did NOT see a death coming. The 2nd reason I can’t remember lol. It’s funny b/c I will cry in movies so much more easily.

    I loved this book more than the first book because I felt as though thTe first book began rather slowly. I didn’t particularly enjoy the beginning in A Time to die. But it was definitely a well done story and I love the characters.


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