Fiction Friday: Shatter Me

I spent my life folded between the pages of books.

-Tahereh Mafi, Shatter Me

This is ironic. Because I just wrote a post last Wednesday about how I dislike the strong, unique, beautiful female lead, and now here I am, writing a review about a book that features a strong, unique, beautiful female lead.


But here’s the thang. Juliette wasn’t emotionally strong at the beginning of the series and didn’t know how to harness her physical strength yet. All that came later, and that’s what I love about the Shatter Me series by Tahereh Mafi. I love Juliette’s growth. Her arc. How she started out the weak damsel in distress in need of rescue, and over the course of three books, transformed into a powerful leader. She didn’t become strong in one book. She didn’t start out as the impossibly courageous hero. It took three books for her to discover who she was and what she was capable of, and then choosing to use that for good. I think that’s what I love most about the Shatter Me series is watching her growth, and believing that I could go from an ordinary shy weakling to someone strong.

What I love second most is her connection to Warner.

*SPOILERS BELOW*FullSizeRender-2

Confession time: I hated Warner in the first book and had absolutely no idea he and Juliette would get together.


I. wanted. him. dead.

I wished Juliette had not missed when she shot him at the end of Shatter Me. I had no attraction to him whatsoever. But I didn’t feel that big a connection with Adam, either. So after I finished Shatter Me, when I found out there were others with superpowers, I got disinterested. Nothing against superpowers or superheroes, I just feel like the idea is overdone and am honestly kind of tired of it. And since I didn’t feel much between Adam and Juliette either, I stopped reading.

For a whole year.

Then I saw someone post on instagram #teamwarner. They mentioned how amazing he is and I was like “WUT?! Isn’t he the BAD GUY??” And I secretly have a thing for bad guys (thanks Damon from The Vampire Diaries) and I had to go back and read all three books.

Holy monkey balls. I’m glad I did.

Cuz Warner. is. intense.

Oh my gosh. I so HATED him, but then I read the novella Destroy Me (which you should read right after chapter 21 of Unravel Me) and my disgust started chipping away and I sort of began feeling things for him.

And then Ignite Me happened… and Warner was, like, this completely different person. Same guy, but changing. And I came to understand that his whole douchiness was a big misunderstanding because of his ability to feel emotions. He felt Juliette’s attraction, just didn’t know it was for Adam and not him. And, yes, he was a dick in book one, but at least he realized it later. And then apologized. And then basically told Juliette that he knew she would go on to to big things, he just wanted to be a part of it.

*fangirl sigh*

And now I love him.

All this is just making me want to go back and Ignite Me again.

Anyway, have YOU read the Shatter Me series? What were your thoughts on Juliette’s growth and Warner and all the things? Feel free to agree or disagree. I’d love to hear your thoughts! ❤

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