The Bad Boy

For some reason I’m always drawn to the bad boy…in books. I love the guy who pretends not to care, but deep down inside, cares too much. The guy who starts out as the biggest douche bag and ends up being the bravest hero.

Guys like….damon

Damon from The Vampire Diaries.

Warner from Shatter Me.

Daemon from the LUX series.


Y’know. The boys with the most misunderstood, but best intentions. (Also, for *some reason* these types of boys always end up in the books I write… :P)

There’s just something about a person who puts off a tough exterior, but is truly sensitive deep inside. Mm, maybe sensitive is the wrong word. Caring? Heroic? You get the idea.

Also, fun fact (and *spoiler alert* for Shatter Me series): I almost didn’t finish the Shatter Me series until I saw someone post on Instagram #teamwarner and I was like WHAT? So of course I had to pick it back up again, and now Ignite Me (book 3 in the Shatter Me series) is one of my YA faves. 🙂

QOTP: What theme/types of characters are YOU drawn to in books?

8 thoughts on “The Bad Boy

  1. I like characters that make the hard decisions because they’re the right decisions. I like the characters who ‘take the hit’ so someone they love doesn’t have too. And–swoon–I love the bad boys too. As long as they end up making good 😉

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  2. I tend to go for the good boys myself – heehee. Some of my favorite male characters are the ones who are the most heroic and generally “perfect”. I love Captain America, and pretty much the only fictional guy I’ve found “swoon-worthy” (in published books, anyways…heehee) was Brennan Caldwell from Kathy Tyers’ Firebird series. I admire Aragorn and (book) Faramir, and courageous Karvir from H.L. Burke’s “Lands of Ash.” In Pirates of the Caribbean I always liked Will Turner and didn’t care for Jack Sparrow.

    I tend to write very morally upright, conscientious male characters too. They stand out against a dark or immoral world and stick to their conscience, and I appreciate that about them. Whether male or female, I like characters that stand up against the darkness and reject evil and try to do what’s right. That’s what I’d want in a spouse too (and I did marry a conscientious rule following kind of guy – ❤ my ESTJ! 😀 ). So I guess I don't understand the fictional attraction of bad boy types…they seem untrustworthy to me and not someone I'd swoon over!

    But one of my newest WIPs has a bad guy love interest. I don't get it. I actually had an ESTJ love interest for the protagonist originally, and nope. She wanted the other guy. I shake my head at her…but I can't deny they have great chemistry! Hahaha. 😀

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    1. I totally swooned over Jack Sparrow! Lol! But I totally understand not falling for the bad boy b/c he’s untrustworthy. Also, isn’t it funny how our characters choose their own adventures? The original love interest for one of my characters was also an upright “good” guy, buuuut she had to go and make her own decisions. (But I’m quite happy with the turnout.) ❤

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  3. You should read Saving Francesca, followed by The Piper’s Son. SF first so you fall in love with the MC of Piper’s Son 😉

    My favorite trope is best friends to lovers. Though that isn’t working out so well for me with An Ember in the Ashes…


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