Book Trailers and Pinterest Boards

Hello fellow booknerds!

I’m interrupting the “Inside the Book” blog series to bring you some exciting announcements. (That you’ve probably already guessed based on the title of this blog. XD)


BLACK TIGER HAS A NEW PINTEREST PAGE!!! Because who doesn’t like visuals? Check it out to see what the key characters look like, read all the favorite quotes from the book, and even catch a glimpse of some of the main places.

Follow me on Pinterest to keep up with any new additions to the board.

Use the hashtag #blacktiger on any pinned posts that are themed after the book, and repin any of these to spread the word!

SECOND. (but far more exciting)

The AMAZING Laura Pol (check out her newly-launched website here) created this awesome fan-made book trailer for BLACK TIGER!!! (!!!!!) THIS TOTALLY MADE MY WEEK, GUYS!

I posted it below. Check it out. Seriously. You won’t be sorry.

And that’s it for this post! Come back tomorrow as we return to the “Inside the Book” series for BLACK TIGER.

*whispers* I hear they’re giving tours of the Community Garden.

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