Join me for the next month as we visit different features of BLACK TIGER.  We can meet new characters, take exclusive tours of some exciting places, and maybe even spot a black tiger or two. 




Hey there! My name is John, and I raise cows that provide milk for the rest o’ Ky. Welcome to the Garden!

This place here is what we like to proudly call the heartbeat o’ Ky. It’s the only place in this country where food is grown to hand out to the rest of Ky’s people. Come on, now. Let’s head down the gravel road toward the town square and I’ll give ya a first class tour.

shutterstock_57309091The Garden is somethin’ along the lines of twenty miles long and twenty miles wide. Each field is about mile square patch. We have the berries and vegetables up on the north end of the Garden, and trees down on the south side.

Here on our left are the pine trees. We have two fields dedicated to them pines, though nobody has the slightest clue why. Everything grown in the Garden has a purpose, which is clearly the food, and I have no idea how they can get any food off of a scabby ol’ pine tree. But they must, ’cause our beloved chief wouldn’t waste a patch o’ land fer nothin’. They chop hundreds of them pines down every year, just before winter hits, and ship ’em off to Frankfort.

shutterstock_312447806If ya look to yer right, you’ll see the orchard. Don’t tell the Defenders, but sometimes I can scrap a few apples off the Carters in return for a cup o’ milk from my dairy cows. It’s the only way to get fresh food ’round here. The rest of the time we rely on boxed meals and wafers and some sort of bland soups. Not that I’m complainin’. We have a good number o’ people in Ky, and the food has to be stretched to feed ’em all somehow. We Gardeners work all year and send in our fresh foods, and the government turns that food into healthy boxed meals full of protein and stuff, then they send it back to us.

The perfect machinery of a functional government, eh?

And here we are now at the town square. We don’t got much. A courthouse where minor arguments are settled. And of course, The Tap, the place where we like to congregate at the end of the week. We have the Community Building where we leave off the fruits of our labor and where we pick up our monthly rations. Probably shouldn’t say this, but our rations have been late the past coupla months. I mean, we’ve had to resort to eatin’ what we grow from our fields. It’s against the law, but sometimes the only way to survive. I’m sure they have a reason for our rations being late and all. Rumor has it there’s a war goin’ on. But, no one has ever starved to death in Ky, so I’m not one to worry. Our chief takes care of his people. He’s always quick to put us at the top of his priority list. So, nope, I have absolutely nothin’ to worry about.

And that’s it, folks. I hope I didn’t bore ya too much. Haven’t been gettin’ much sleep lately so I’m kinda fallin’ asleep on my feet myself. Stop by again. We don’t get many visitors out here. Just the occasional Patrician lookin’ to enjoy a weekend of quiet country life. 



Thanks again for stopping by to get the grand tour of the Community Garden! John had to leave to tend to his cows. I guess I already cut an hour out of his workday for this tour. Oops. 

Do you have any questions about the Community Garden? Ask them in the comments! 

BLACK TIGER releases on October 6, 2016, but you can preorder the Kindle version for $.99 on Amazon.


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