Join me for the next month as we visit different features of BLACK TIGER.  We can meet new characters, take exclusive tours of some exciting places, and maybe even spot a black tiger or two. 




Thank you so  much for joining us today, Titus.

That’s Chief Whitcomb. *gestures at Defenders to lower weapons* I’ll let you go this once, since you’re new here.

Alrighty, then. Chief Whitcomb. What’s your favorite hobby?

Seriously? You set up an interview with the chief of Ky, and that’s your first question?

*arches brow*

*sighs* Leading, of course.

Is that even considered a hobby?

*Clenches jaw* We’re done here.

Wait. Okay. We’ll work with that. What’s it like being a leader? 

There’s a lot of responsibility with being Chief. It doesn’t matter what decision you make about anything, there will alway be backlash. That’s why I have to do things my way. Make my own decisions, regardless as to who disagrees. This is my country and people can either follow me or get out.

But… they can’t really get out, right? I mean, it’s dangerous territory outside of Ky. Like, life threateningly dangerous.

Oh. Yes. Of course. They can either follow or die, then. *grins* Is that better?

*mumbles* Not really…

Excuse me?

*clears throat* So, you host a lot of parties and parades and stuff. Is that, like, a passion of yours? 

It’s my way to appease the Patricians. I could care less if we had balls or picnics every week. But Father taught me well. He taught me to host social occasions to keep the Patricians happy.

And you’re clearly doing an excellent job.

No need to point out the obvious.

Oookay. Next question. What are you most afraid of?

Afraid? Me? *barks out a laugh* I’m afraid that if you ask that question one more time, I’ll have you sentenced to death.

Yikes. Okay. New direction. what are your plans to redeem Ky?

What makes you think Ky needs redeeming?

Well…there are the…obvious issues.

*snaps fingers at Defenders* Have her sent to the Rebels Circle.

Wait. I mean. What do you think you’ll do to fix those issues?

*glares at me* Forget the Rebels Circle. Just shoot her.



And that’s it guys. I was able to get out of there before he lodged a bullet into my head. Whew! If you have any questions for Titus, feel free to contact him yourself. I’m pretty sure he has every Defender in Ky ordered to kill me.

BLACK TIGER releases on October 6, 2016, but you can preorder the Kindle version for $.99 on Amazon

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