How Entangled and I Found Each Other.

As most of you heard by now, I SIGNED WITH ENTANGLED PUBLISHING! (!!!!!)

For those who don’t know, Entangled Publishing is an “independent publisher of romantic fiction, in both the adult and young adult markets.” Entangled has had “42 titles appear on the USA Today Bestsellers list and 14 titles on the New York Times Bestseller list.” (The LUX series by Jennifer Armentrout being one of them! AHHH!!!) I am so incredibly honored to consider myself one of their authors.

I’m always interested in reading other writers’ stories, so I thought I’d share mine, too!


It was a cold and stormy night…


It was a busy day on Twitter! 😉 There was this awesome thing call #PitMad going on. #PitMad is a pitch party on Twitter where the author submits the blurb of their book in a tweet with the hashtag #pitmad, and if an agent or editor “likes” the tweet, that’s their invitation to submit. The event lasts all day, but you can only tweet each story three times.

I submitted a tweet for both my scifi series and Black Tiger, and got a TON of positive feedback for the scifi series. I submitted it to all the editors who showed interest and had at three contract offers from independent publishers. (Guys, this has NEVER happened!!!) I was thrilled. But the one company I had an eye on was Entangled. They had asked for the full manuscript, but were taking a while to get back with me. During the time I was awaiting their response, I had submitted Black Tiger to Limitless Publishing, and they offered me a contract as well. This all happened less than a year ago, and you can read more about that  here. (That blog post is mainly talking about Black Tiger.)

Anyway, I felt compelled to not sign with either company, but to self publish Black Tiger. Don’t ask me why. I just felt in my gut that it was the right thing. (And looking back, I am SO glad I did for SO many reasons, but I’ll get more into that later.) So I wrote Entangled and withdrew my submission. *GASP!* And I proceeded with Black Tiger.

Then, back in August, I felt this pull to submit the scifi series to Entangled again, even though I was about to publish Black Tiger in just a couple months. Again, don’t ask me why, but I’m very impulsive and tend to follow my instincts without question. 😉 (Sometimes that’s a good thing, guys.) So I submitted it, asking if the editor would be willing to consider it again. She said yes. The standard guidelines said if you don’t hear back in 30 days, consider it a rejection. Thirty days passed, and I considered myself rejected. I didn’t cry. It was, like, my 150th rejection, so literally #WaterOffADucksBack.

I published Black Tiger, and three days later (SIXTY DAYS after I submitted the manuscript), I heard back. The editor was interested in pursuing my book! Now it’s the end of November and the deed is officially done.

I am an Entangled author! 🙂 

What’s really exciting, is this is the FIRST book I’ve EVER written. The entire story has been written from scratch four times, heavily revised over a dozen times, and the main character’s names have been changed twice. It’s the book that got me into writing seriously, and was heavily inspired by “A Voice in the Wind” by Francine Rivers. (Though it’s taken on its own form over time.) It’s the story closest to my heart, the one that tugs at my soul, whose characters appear in my mind on a daily basis. (No, I’m not crazy. I promise!) So, the fact that this story is going to finally see the light of day and meet new readers makes my heart sing. ❤

I’m so excited to begin this journey, and hope that you’ll follow along in the excitement! 😀


5 thoughts on “How Entangled and I Found Each Other.

  1. Hello – I just wanted to ask if Entangled were at all bothered by your self-publishing the book they gave you the contract on? I have a couple of books I am thinking of submitting to them, but one I already put on Amazon and now I’m thinking of submitting to traditional type publishers. Anyway, just wondered if they had any rules about that and if they asked you to unpublish it from Amazon (or wherever you did publish it yourself). Thanks!


    1. Hey! So I actually self-published a trilogy on my own, and then contracted a different book with Entangled. I’m not sure how they would feel about you pitching a book you already published. I would just be up front in the query and let them know you’d self published it but are now seeking a more traditional route. Hope this helps! 🙂


  2. Hi Sara,
    I hope you can share your experience with Entangled after five years of this post. I’m not published, hardly done with my first manuscript, and just doing research about my next step.
    Are you happy with them? Would you recommend Entangled for a new author? Do they help with marketing?
    I appreciate your advice.
    Joanna Jelen


  3. This is actually really funny.
    I submitted my manuscript to Entanged more than seven months ago with a rejection (which I was used to by that point). So, I decided to self publish. I am nearly done with the process, but 60 days ago I resubmitted to entangled with a revised manuscript. Three days ago I got an email saying the manuscript is still under review and they are requesting more time (good thing? I have no idea). I approved their request with the anticipation that if they reject it, I’ll just go ahead and self publish as planned. Otherwise, woot. But, the real question, is how much time is more time? Lol


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