10 Fun Facts About Black Tiger That You DID NOT See Coming. (Or maybe you did…)

Hello, hello!

We are wrapping up the blog tour for Ashen City, and I am BLOWN AWAY by the amazing reviews posted by my readers. Ashen City was definitely my favorite book to write in this series, but I had no idea it would be the readers’ favorite as well. So grateful to everyone who took a chance on this series!

For those who haven’t ordered them yet, you can purchase Black Tiger and Ashen City on Amazon.com.

NOW, for the last and final post in the tour, I am sharing 10 fun facts about Black Tiger!

  1. Rain did not exist in the first draft. He popped in as a convey-information-through-dialogue side character, and ended up taking over the story. Typical Rain.
  2. The phrase “Son of a jackal” was borrowed from Aladdin. (You two-faced son of a jackal!)
  3. My first glimmer of this series came to me when I toured the mega caverns below Louisville.
  4. There used to be an epic fight scene in Black Tiger where all the prisoners battled against each other in an arena and the winner was set free. It was supposed to mirror the gladiatorial contests of Ancient Rome, but because the idea was too much like The Hunger Games, I took it out.
  5. The first three chapters are almost word-for-word exactly the same as when I first wrote them.
  6. Ember’s name used to be Iva (Inspired by an Amish reality show I was watching at the time).
  7. I was originally going to have velociraptors instead of black tigers.
  8. Black Tiger used to have no Christianity and a lot of edginess, then it had no edginess and was very Christian. It only felt right and real when it had a little bit of both sprinkled in.
  9. The characters Rain and Forest were inspired by the Damon and Stefan Salvator from the tv show The Vampire Diaries.
  10. Ember was supposed to be soft-spoken and shy, but she had a mind of her own. #TooOutSpoken

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FINALLY, I am having a GIVEAWAY where you could enter for a chance to win a paperback of either Black Tiger or Ashen City, an adjustable “Inhale/Exhale” ring, Louisville skyline bookmarks, and a journal! Enter here.

YOUR TURN! Were there any facts above that you saw coming? Which ones surprised you?

9 thoughts on “10 Fun Facts About Black Tiger That You DID NOT See Coming. (Or maybe you did…)

  1. This is awesome! I am shocked by quite a few of these, especially with Ember’s older name and personality. Also, I thought it pretty funny when imagining velociraptors in the series rather then black tigers. Can you imagine the panic that could quickly ensue?

    Also, this has been such a fun blog tour! I have greatly enjoyed fanigrling with all the bloggers over such an awesome series (and to think, it’s not even over yet!! :D).

    Thanks for sharing such fun facts with us!

    Liked by 1 person

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