The Vanishing Spark of Dusk Cover Reveal & Release Date

Hello fellow bookworms!

I have returned to Earth temporarily with some exciting news about my upcoming novel! As many of you know, I signed with Entangled Teen to release a young adult/science fiction/romance novel (Yes, that’s TOTALLY a thing), and I am currently proofreading the galley copy! (AKA the FINAL version before it’s released! AHH!)

THAT said, my book titled The Vanishing Spark of Dusk is set to release with Entangled Teen on 1/8/18! MARK YOUR CALENDARS! That’s less than TWO MONTHS guys! 😀 And I seriously cannot wait to share this story with you. It’s the first book I ever wrote, even before Black Tiger. This is the story that turned me into an author, because I could. Not. Stop writing it.

You can add The Vanishing Spark of Dusk to your Goodreads list here.

If you are interested in participating in the blog tour, then you can sign up here. Participants will receive copies to review.

I also have a fun Pinterest board based on quotes, characters, and places from The Vanishing Spark of Dusk.

And now, the moment you all have been waiting for…THE COVER!

TVSoD_Final Cover


Stand up.

When Lark is stolen from Earth to be a slave on the planet Tavdora, she’s determined to find her way back home to her family, no matter the cost. Placed in the household of a notorious slave trader, Lark quickly learns her best assets are her eyes and ears. And if she’s brave enough, her voice.

Be heard.

Kalen is the Tavdorian son of a slave trader and in line to inherit his father’s business. But his growing feelings for Lark, the new house slave who dares to speak of freedom, compel him to reveal his new plan for the slave ships returning to Earth—escape. Together, they just might spark a change that flares across the universe.

Fight back.

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