Introducing: Lark’s Home

To kickoff the release of my young adult/science fiction/ romance novel THE VANISHING SPARK OF DUSK, releasing with Entangled Teen (you can order it here,) I’m going to do an Inside the Book series where I will go through some key places & characters to help you get to know the story better. 

I introduced Lark to you last week. (You can find out more about her here.) This week Lark is here to talk about where she’s from.


Introducing: Lark’s Home


Welcome to my community. We’re about two-hundred people living on a run-down farm that has been passed down through Daniel’s generation since the Tavdorian parasites took over.

shutterstock_227429041We have a community garden where we grow mostly corn and a variety of squashes and beans–things that grow best in this place that was once called Indiana. Summer is hot and winter is brutal, but the seasons in between are what help us get through. The farmhouse where some of us live is the same one passed down with the land. Daniel lives there, and it’s also where he runs his clinic. Since I help him with medical procedures, I live there too. Despite the rotted wood and questionable foundation, it will always be home.

“With grass crawling on the cracked pavement and tall winding weeds filling what used to be a gutter, I’m surprised this place hasn’t disintegrated out of existence like the rest of the old world.” ~The Vanishing Spark of Dusk

A few miles away is what was once known as the White River, though it’s not white so much as it’s brown and murky. The river marks the border between us and the Tavdorian plantation. The parasites leave us alone in return for half our resources. It’s worth the price of freedom to work extra hard supplying those resources for them.

The REAL White River, and the shore where Lark stood. (One mile from my house.)

“The murky brown river moves slowly on its course, a giant slug weaving through the thick forest. Daniel always stresses never to come to this part of the river. Ever. But right now, I don’t give a toad’s warts about rules. Because rules are confining. And I am free.” ~The Vanishing Spark of Dusk

Thank you for passing through our community. I hope you enjoyed your stay. Travel safely, and may Elohim keep you safe from any encounters with the merciless parasites.

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