Welcome to Tavdora

To kickoff the release of my young adult/science fiction/ romance novel THE VANISHING SPARK OF DUSK, releasing with Entangled Teen,I’m going to do an Inside the Book series where I will go through some key places & characters to help you get to know the story better. 

In this last Inside the Book post, we will be taking a virtual tour Tavdora, the planet where the majority of The Vanishing Spark of Dusk takes place. Good luck tolerating your tour guide—he’s a bit of a xenophobe.


Welcome to Tavdora

Hello, and welcome to Tavdora. We are the largest inhabited planet in our galaxy.  We have two moons, the Pale Moon and the Red Moon, and two countries: Dera and Ogan.

MediumThis is Neket, the capitol of Dera and the largest city on Tavdora. It’s built on the edge of the Crecian Desert, right by the Devittrinean Sea. Oh, you don’t have purple seas where you come from? They’re blue? That is strange, indeed. Your planet must not be as evolved as ours, just like your people. Oh, don’t be offended. It’s common knowledge.

In the heart of the city you will see the king’s palace, consisting of those beautiful, tall, icicle-looking towers. The king serves his people well. Some say he’s cruel because of his slave laws and treatment toward aliens, but I beg to differ. Humans, Onmarians, Ve’occs—their species were in bad shape when we found them. We’re basically doing them a favor by giving them food and shelter. Wouldn’t you agree? No? Perhaps you don’t fully understand how far we brought your species since we found your planet in shambles. Some Tavdorians would agree with you, though. Mainly the Ogans. An ignorant people, if I say so myself.

And that wraps up our tour! Don’t forget that curfew for you Humans is midnight. Hang on, I don’t see your Day Pass strapped around your wrist. *Narrows eyes* Are you a runaway? Who’s your master? Wait—don’t you run from me. Human! XENO-SCUM!!!


Thank you taking the time to tour Neket of Tavdora. Whew! Good job getting away from that tour guide. The Tavdorian tour guides are usually a bit more lenient than the guards, but there’s still no telling if he would have reported you. Please come again—but next time, with a Day Pass. Oh! And don’t forget to order your copy of THE VANISHING SPARK OF DUSK!

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