30 Fewer accidents than in the previous year

Actually, the decline in the number of accidents last year is cause for celebration. 568 times it crashed, in the year 2017 there had been still 598 accidents. However, these figures should not obscure the fact that it is mainly minor accidents that occur less frequently. The number of injured even increased compared to the previous year. In addition, there were two fatalities on the roads in the altlandkreis district.

56 people injured in accidents last year. In 2017 there had been only 46 per sonen. There were twelve serious injuries (2017: 20) and 69 minor injuries (2017: 31). It is remarkable that the number of drivers with drugs behind the wheel increased from 16 to 24. This suggests that the officials are paying more attention in this area.

Fewer hit-and-runs

A total of 114 drivers were caught with cell phones. With 78 cases, the number of hit-and-run accidents fell by 13, but too many drivers still evade their responsibility – especially when people are injured in the accidents, as was the case five times in 2018. The police solved 32 hit-and-run accidents.

The number of motorcycle accidents fell slightly: in 2017 there were 20, last year only 18 accidents. The stretch between motten and kothen remains a focal point. This year, however, only five motorcyclists were seriously injured in the old district. In 2017 there were eight. 15 bikers got away with lighter injuries. In the previous year there were only eleven.

Surprisingly, there was not a single accident involving e-bikes in the altlandkreis in 2018. Two accidents involving local bicycles were registered by the police, however. This positive development is not continuing this year: in march, a boy on his electric mountain bike collided with a car in riedenberg. He injured himself only slightly. On the same weekend, a 71-year-old man was seriously injured near the book lawn when he swerved his e-bike to yield the right of way to another vehicle.

Familiarize with e-bikes

“We were lucky that there were no fatalities”, department head herbert markert looks back. Both e-bike riders were saved from worse by a helmet. He appeals to owners of e-bikes to familiarize themselves thoroughly with the new bikes’ handling characteristics beforehand. “I expect the accidents with e-bikes to increase and the consequences to be more severe as well”, says the police chief.

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