Stand Alone

Genre: young adult fantasy

A hidden island. A mysterious legend. And a strange boy with a dark secret.

When Eden follows her dad to an exotic island located in the middle of nowhere, she finds herself caught up in a mystical world where legends are true, sea creatures are real, and uncharted islands aren’t exactly safe.
And then there’s Arion. The strange quiet mystery whose sea-green eyes hold impossible secrets. And when she sees her dad raise someone from the dead, well, let’s just say anything that was once inconceivable now stands a chance.

But tensions run high between the villagers and the so-called “outlanders”, and when Eden gets swept up in the gusts of a stormy battle that could destroy not only the island, but the people on it, she must choose between the safety of her dad–who, by the way, lied big time to her–and the life of the boy she has come to love. The torrents of the sea only become more volatile as the outlanders and villagers march head-on into battle–a battle that only Eden and Ari can stop.