Tavdorian Skies

Three Book Series

Genre: young adult science fiction

Be heard. Those were the last words Judea heard her mom say before she was betrayed and sold to the planet Tavdora. A slave. A captive.

Lucky for her, she’s taken to the slave trader’s home where the plans of future trips to Earth are at her fingertips. Just one problem. The slave trader’s son, Adon Rydell, has taken an interest in her. And she’s having a hard time fighting her own feelings toward him. But when another slave invites her to an underground rebel group called the Renegade, Judea learns that her place on Tavdora could include helping thousands of other slaves escape to freedom. Perk: If she helps the Renegade hijack Adon Rydell’s spaceship, they promise her a trip back to Earth in return. But while Judea is making plans to steal his ship, Adon Rydell is stealing her heart. When she’s faced with the perfect opportunity to escape, Judea must choose between her growing attraction toward Adon, and her desire to return home, thus, betraying the boy she has come to love.