Continuing education scholarship what is it?

After successful completion of vocational training, young professionals are eligible for the continuing education grant. Performance-oriented and talented professionals under the age of 25 can use the continuing education scholarship to finance up to three years of interdisciplinary continuing education. Read here which requirements are needed for the scholarship and how to apply.

What is supported by the continuing education scholarship??

The German Federal Ministry of Education supports young professionals who have shown particular performance or talent during their training. A total of 6000 scholarships are awarded annually.

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Empty existential 5 tips to know what you should do with your life

Spiritual life cannot be understood only with the chemical reactions in our brain, because we feel emotions, have feelings, and perceive the world based on our experience and beliefs. In fact, we are all searching for meaning in our lives .

The meaning of life has captured the interest of various philosophical and psychological currents such as existentialism or humanism, and focuses on existence, consciousness and happiness, and involves many other issues such as ontology, purpose of life, ethics and free will, etc.

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What language is spoken in oman?

What language is spoken in Oman

In this article we address the question of which languages are spoken in Oman. Oman, a country located in the southeast of the Arabian Peninsula, is characterized by rich cultural and linguistic diversity. Our goal is to give a comprehensive overview of the different languages and dialects spoken in the country.

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Should i mention my impairment in the application or rather not??

You would rather hear the answer to this question than read it? No problem, here’s the audio version of the text we recorded for you:

Whether it’s for an internship, a part-time job or your first job after graduation: at some point you’ll find yourself in the situation of having to write a job application. Writing a good application that convinces employers is already a challenge, but how should you deal with your impairment in the application?? We have collected some info and food for thought for you.

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Foreign language learning tips and tricks

young student intelligent foreign language learning tips and tricks

As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, the appeal of learning a new language is clear. Whether for business or pleasure, the ability to communicate on an international level can bring many benefits. If you want to learn a language but aren't sure where to start, we have just the thing for you. We take a look at some top language learning tips that can help you on your journey. To help you on your learning journey, let's take a look at some top tips and advice for language learning.

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Pruning butterfly bushes: instructions in 6 steps

The summer or. Butterfly bush, botanically Buddleja davidii, is extremely popular in this country because it produces beautiful panicle flowers in summer and, as the name suggests, is a magnet for butterflies. However, to ensure that this is the case from the beginning and remains so in later years, it needs regular pruning. This is done in late winter, as there is a ban on cutting from March to September due to the bird breeding season. Here you can learn how to properly prune the butterfly bush.

Cutting butterfly bush

Before you pick up the scissors and get started, here are a few things to keep in mind about pruning to avoid damaging your summer lilacs.

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Retraining as a customs officer

People who no longer have a future in their original profession and therefore want or need to reorient themselves should become active in terms of retraining and find out about the possibilities, for example at the employment office. For those who also enjoy the work of customs, retraining as a customs officer may be an exciting option.

The customs officer retraining creates the basis for a successful lateral entry into customs and opens up interesting perspectives for the participants. First, they should get to the bottom of the measure in question and research in depth. Here's how career changers can qualify for the customs service and start a second career with customs.

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Olympics of the violin makers

Cremona celebrates the 450. Birthday of Claudio Monteverdi. The story of the composer is closely interwoven with the stories of the greatest violin making families of the Italian city.

In Cremona the sky is full of violins. Telling a story about the city in Lombardy without mentioning the names Monteverdi and Stradivari in the same breath? Impossible! At 15. May 1567 Claudio Monteverdi is born in Cremona, the eldest son of Baldassare Monteverdi, a surgeon and barber. The father runs a small, modest business. Yet he still manages to give his two sons a musical education.

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Adjusting screws of school development

School development begins when changes are initiated at the instructional level. School development does not yet begin when teachers undergo further training and develop new competencies and methodological confidence. The skills and ideas gained must be "reflected" in learning and teaching arrangements derived from them in the classroom. If implemented successfully, this legitimizes the change in framework conditions.

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