School museum: bad pupils to the back

The school houses the school museum. "Our focus is on placement work and we mainly target schools," explains museum director Frauke Hellwig. If National Socialism is on the curriculum, for example, the exhibition can be used to illustrate everyday school life at the time, including propaganda.

Separate schools for boys and girls

The collection has continued uninterrupted since 1983. The beginning is marked by the imperial era with the introduction of compulsory education. Even the building gives a clue: divided into two parts with the gymnasium in the middle, boys and girls still attended separate schools back then and learned different things.

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Become a reading mentor

The world of books, stories, documentaries and fairy tales is fascinating. Especially little people are enthusiastic and can’t get enough of stories that stimulate their imagination and inspire them.

Reading something to children is itself great fun, because you have the opportunity to let yourself fall completely into the story and to emphasize it wonderfully, embellish it, and still talk about individual passages afterwards. Every mother and father knows that. But, unfortunately, every parent knows how much time is often needed to read to children with interest and concentration. One is sometimes only glad if the aunt, the grandfather or sometimes the big sister takes over this part.

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