The skin is what you eat

Acne is a very common skin condition associated with pimples, pustules and comedones (blackheads). Young people are particularly affected. After a few years the acne usually disappears by itself again. A proper diet can help control acne. Because everything eaten can have an effect on health and, consequently, on the skin. Unfortunately, however, there is a lack of studies that can prove a clear link between nutrition and acne. However, most experts agree on one thing: a balanced, healthy diet can be effective against pimples and blemished skin by supplying the body with important vitamins and micronutrients, thus providing resources for the formation of healthy (skin) cells, as writes.

More high fiber foods

Dietary fiber is a component of plant foods that the body cannot digest on its own. Researchers are discovering more and more positive effects on health, including the fact that dietary fiber reduces the energy density of food, causing the pancreas to release less insulin – with positive consequences. Foods high in fiber include whole grains, legumes such as beans, chickpeas, lentils and soybeans, vegetables, especially cabbage, but also carrots, fennel, broccoli or dried fruits such as dates, figs, prunes and raisins.

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Don’t play with food! Or yet?

Cucumber slices not only revive my tired eyes, but our girl is into beauty masks too:
She finds fruits and vegetables exciting on her skin! During her experiments with edibles, her entire environment is occasionally affected as well. At such moments, one educational formula in particular pops into my head: "Don't play with food!". But why not actually?

Children discover their world with all their senses – so does food. So how would a few months young baby know that cucumber is food and not a toy? Kids need to smell food, taste food, touch food – they need to BEGGET that food is different from objects. Not only in terms of taste! Everything feels different: A cooked potato e.g. can be mashed effortlessly with the fingers, while a honeydew melon requires greater effort. Only with time does it become clear what is edible and that building blocks, for example, do not become palatable even after being nibbled and slobbered on in great detail.

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The asseburg of knights, ruins and a fire

The Asse – today it stands first and foremost for the scandal surrounding the storage of radioactive waste in the old salt mine. But there are many more stories to discover here, such as the ruins of Asseburg Castle, once one of the most powerful castles in northern Germany, perched on the mountain range.

A time travel into the Middle Ages

I have another appointment with Marco Failla, local curator of the district of Wolfenbuttel, to discover the ruins of the Asseburg castle. We meet at the parking lot at the Assewirtschaft in Wittmar. From here it is still a short walk into the Asse and up to the Asseburg castle. Time enough to check and complete historical background knowledge.

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Tips to relieve christmas stress

Soon Christmas will be around the corner and so will the Christmas stress that goes with it. A little help.

The time before Christmas and New Year is the time when things get especially hectic. The stress is mostly homemade, because we sometimes break our own expectations. Fortunately, there are ways to escape this stress.

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Summer, sun, sun protection – here’s what we need to look out for now

Why is summer actually so popular? The answer seems to be obvious: Sure, because of the sun!
In fact: sun makes you happy. It warms us and the more it shines, the more we shine too. It feels good to fill up the sun tank again after a few dreary winter months. Nevertheless, caution is advised – although the sun is a real good-mood maker, it can be quite harmful to the skin.
We reveal how to properly protect your body over the next few months and what to look for when buying the right sun care products. So that you can enjoy your summer – without a guilty conscience and without sunburn at all!

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The second baby is coming – how to strengthen the sibling relationship

Strengthening the sibling relationship is an important task that should begin during pregnancy with the second baby. For me it has always been clear, I definitely want to have two children. Then they always have each other, always have someone they can count on to be there for them, even if it's not us as parents anymore. For my children to have a reliable and good relationship, it is important that they have a deep bond with each other.

So I have already thought in advance how I can promote the sibling relationship from the beginning and strengthen the bond between my children. When I found out I was pregnant with my son, our second child, I bought two books for our daughter about having a sibling, including illustrations of how he or she is first still in the womb and then later, when born, lives with the family as a baby. All not too clinical or detailed, but very nicely told for small children. I can highly recommend the book "A baby for all of us" by Gunilla Hansson. Or also the book "Leonie gets a sibling" from the Leonie book series.

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Should i separate?

If you are faced with this question, make sure you are doing everything you can to live well with your decision in hindsight. Therefore a thorough preparation of your decision is necessary. At best, you will find a common and benevolent process with your partner¹. Because no matter how the decision turns out later: This other person is important for you. She may even have shaped your life intensively for a long time and also if her possibly. If you go your separate ways, the value of the connection remains. Everything the other person has meant to you, what they have given you, what they have taught you… All of that is part of your identity and you shouldn’t rush to cut a connection that is such an important part of your history without a serious effort.

An important question when separation is on the horizon:

Would you both like to seriously consider whether – and under what conditions – you want to continue your relationship??
It involves a willingness and openness to ask oneself and the other person serious questions and to seek truly adequate answers. For this step you need to actively turn to each other.

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How to turn shit into gold


Ralf, you are also conducting research at the Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg on the question of the extent to which supposedly problematic waste such as urine and feces could be used today to build humus. Do we produce the alternatives for artificial fertilizers in our own bodies every day??

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