Child care and the role of the nanny

Today, many families have child care. This is often a nanny who takes care of the children when the parents are not there. Then it's that person who comforts the little ones, teaches them values and educates them. Therefore, it is important to choose a person for this task who shares your ideas about parenting.

Childcare and the role of the nanny

There are more and more families where both parents work outside the home, which makes balancing work and family life a real challenge. This is why parents often need childcare. For example, they entrust the care of their offspring to a nanny. It is clear that the role of the person who takes care of the child is of great importance. Often it almost becomes part of the family.

Childcare: the role of the nanny

When it comes to the issue of returning to work after the birth of a child, there are several options for child care. Many families choose to hire a nanny or a nannies. This person will take care of the little ones while the parents are not around. There is one main difference and advantage compared to other options, such as.B. a daycare center or a kindergarten: the care provided by a nanny is very personal.

For this very reason, the person who takes care of the children becomes a very important figure for them. Because it is she who shares everyday life with the children, listens to the little ones, calms them and gives them affection. She also cooks for them and takes care of any aches and pains they may have. Sometimes she will bathe the children and put them to bed when their parents are not yet there.

Therefore, the bond that children form with their nanny is very significant and it is also very good for them. Because the presence of healthy emotional ties strengthens the self-esteem of children. This, in turn, helps them grow into sociable and outgoing individuals. It also makes the periods of absence of the parents a lot easier.

How to choose a good nanny?

As you have seen, the person in charge of childcare plays a very significant role. Therefore, it is important that you think about the criteria you use to choose a nanny. What qualities should have the person who will occupy such an important place in the childhood of our offspring?

Many families hire the same person for two tasks: Namely, for childcare and housework. But this usually means that the person does not have any specific qualifications in childcare. Therefore, if possible, you should try to separate these two tasks. Choose a nanny with appropriate psychological, pedagogical, or early childhood training.

Because especially when it comes to very young children or those who need special care, the nanny should have sufficient knowledge. Ideally, she should be able to understand the developmental stages of the children so that she can guide them in the best possible way.

Parents and nannies should share values

Also, another factor is essential when it comes to choosing the right childcare: parents need to be sure that the nanny shares certain values as well as ideas about education with them. Or, at the very least, that she will respect and follow your desired parenting style and standards. Because this consistency is of very fundamental importance. Only in this way will your children feel safe and be happy.

Here you'll find some of the most important values that your nanny should ideally share with you:

The nanny should not be authoritarian

For example, it is important that the nanny is a person who is not overly authoritarian towards your children. In other words, not forcing certain things on them, but giving them the opportunity to participate in decisions and come to agreements.

Thus, the nanny should ensure that siblings, for example, have the freedom to agree to play with each other. Because by doing so, it also encourages children to act more confidently and develop a certain assertiveness.

Very important in childcare: empathy

Also, the nanny should be able to be there for your little ones on an emotional level and provide comfort when they need it. Because taking care of the little ones also means that the nanny is building a bond with them. It makes them feel heard, valued and loved.

Also, positive demeanor towards the children

In general, it is always better to address children in a positive way and tell them what to do rather than focusing on things they should not do. So for example, "Please put your toys in the box.". And not "don't leave your toys lying around here".

In addition, it also helps if these commands are accompanied by an explanation. Because this allows children to act out of conviction and not out of blind obedience. So, for example, you can say, "If the toy is on the floor, someone can accidentally step on it and then it can get broken."

Also important: self-control

An indispensable quality in dealing with children is calmness and patience. Thus, the childcare person should not lose her cool in the face of a tantrum from the child. It should give the little one the space it needs at that moment to express itself. In addition, she must of course be able to gently and respectfully reassure the child.

The best time to determine if the potential nanny shares your ideas about parenting is at the interview. While doing this, you should try to talk to her about different everyday situations to find out how she would react to them. Also, it is interesting to pay attention to how she talks about her previous jobs. Because a person with a true vocation will definitely talk about previous families with a lot of emotion and affection.

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