Nemesis stage fright: these tricks help to combat pre-exam jitters

Do you know this too? The night before a test or exam, even if you’ve prepared yourself, the excitement sets in. “Almost all athletes, actors and singers are familiar with stage fright before they go on stage. Most of them then have a ritual that helps them”, says doctor christopher kirchhoff.

You can also do this: for example, put a suitable book under your pillow before you go to sleep or recite a saying before you go into the classroom.

Countering stage fright: self-motivation is the key to success

Anything that gives you strength and calms you down is good for an exam situation. You can also put a note with an encouraging saying in your pencil case. For example with the sentence: “i have prepared well and i am ready to show it!”

Or you put a photo of your favorite dog or the last vacation on the table. “Looking at a nice picture lifts your spirits and can help you out of your anxiety”, doctor kirchhoff explains.

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