Warranty for mattress and sleeping system

It is important to us that you enjoy your mattress and sleep system for a long time.

RELAX motorized frames come with a 2-year warranty on fittings and drive. RELAX bed systems and mattresses are guaranteed for 10 years against damage due to material and manufacturing defects, minus the customer's share. The customer share depends on the years of use: In the third year of use, the warranty coverage is reduced by 20% and in each of the following years by 10%, so that in the third year of use 20%, in the fourth 30%, in the fifth 40%, etc., are reduced. are to be calculated as customer share. Mattress covers are excluded from the warranty due to their different use.

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Theories, critiques, narratives

5.1 The different theoretical views on economization

There is no one theory of economization per se. Rather, economization is explained theoretically in several ways and analyzed with different emphases. What all approaches share is the view that it is a complex transformation process in which economic forms, instruments, and logics increasingly dominate in areas that are not primarily economic (value. The changes affect the macro level (fields, systems, discourses) and meso level (institutions) as well as the micro level of everyday practices and modes of subjectivation. However, the different theories differ considerably in their interpretation of the extent, the degree or. the scope of economizing transformations, which is related to the definition of ‘the economic’. For some, economization can only be measured by ‘hard’ indicators such as monetary profits or. For others, economization begins much earlier, for example, with output-oriented control in the school system, in which primarily measurable performance is evaluated by tests – similar to a system of key figures in companies, according to which success and savings potential are measured. The broad spectrum of economic forms, instruments and logics includes u.a. the primacy of efficiency and output orientation, marketization, competitive selection, the hierarchical separation of leadership (management, school board, university presidium) and operational level (employees, teachers, professors), enterprise and entrepreneurship as global guiding principles, etc. In the following, we will briefly introduce theoretical approaches that play an important role in the discussion on economization (Hohne 2012: 801-807).

System or. Differentiation theory defines economization as de-differentiation, d.h. as the dissolution of rationality boundaries and action logics between economy, politics, health, education etc., is interpreted differently in the various theories (Schimank and Volkmann 2008; Kronig 2007). It is based on the system’s own logics or rules (‘code’), according to which specific actions and communication take place in the system: For instance, according to the logic of mediating/acquiring when it comes to learning and didactic action in the field of education, while in the capitalist economy money-, exchange-, and market-based transactions according to features such as money payments, supply/demand, buy/sell, profit, minimum/maximum principle (min. costs + max. value added), etc. operates. The respective logics of the systems are not arbitrarily interchangeable because they would limit a) the social functions and b) the autonomy of the systems: A science that would be primarily economically oriented to monetary profits would no longer operate in a truth- or knowledge-oriented way – so the assumption. Pierre Bourdieu, for his part, speaks of fields in which actors act according to hybrid logics, from different positions and motives, and equipped with different resources (types of capital). Fields and actors also have their own, albeit relative, autonomy (‘nomos’ as it is called), which is always embedded in hierarchical structures and dependencies. According to this, scientists can both strive for truth and simultaneously pursue the goal of increasing reputation (= symbolic capital) and influence (= power) with it. Through economization in science, motives such as gaining reputation and power would come to the fore, implying a radicalized market-oriented competition among scientists.

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Get to the point – legalese was yesterday’s news!

"You won't be able to write a normal love letter in two or three semesters," predicted Prof. Dr. Haberle in 1. Semester in the first constitutional law lecture. Everybody laughed, nobody guessed how right he would be. Neither do I.

Legal training shapes the way we think. But it also shapes the way lawyers communicate orally and in writing. Of course, legal jargon has its justification. Nouns, multiple relative clauses and passive constructions are not nice here either, but they are common practice. Lawyers should therefore refrain from using this "foreign language", especially in marketing communication – i.e. in communication with laypersons.

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Nemesis stage fright: these tricks help to combat pre-exam jitters

Do you know this too? The night before a test or exam, even if you’ve prepared yourself, the excitement sets in. “Almost all athletes, actors and singers are familiar with stage fright before they go on stage. Most of them then have a ritual that helps them”, says doctor christopher kirchhoff.

You can also do this: for example, put a suitable book under your pillow before you go to sleep or recite a saying before you go into the classroom.

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Soil and straw only

How to get storage vegetables through the winter in a simple way.

Looking serenely at the beets, which seemed to be making themselves comfortable on a bed of straw, he said, "That's where they are now. Certainly they tell each other all winter long stories."Matthias Fersterer, Oya editor at Klein-Jasedow, helped last year to create the windrow in which the beet harvest from our field was to be stored over the winter. His comment made me realize how much vitality is in these roots. If I replanted them the following year, they would bloom and give us seed.

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Subsidized stations offer more variety and more suisa repertoire

In 2017, the Swiss Music Association presented a "SwissMusicOnAir Award" for the first time. The award was given to the licensed private radio station with the highest proportion of Swiss music in its program: the subsidized local station in Bern, Radio BeO. (Image: Radio BeO)

Subsidized radio and TV stations in Switzerland and Liechtenstein tend to give more airplay to music from SUISA members than privately funded stations. In addition, most federally supported stations play many more different music titles than their counterparts focused on advertising revenues. In the interest of local music creation and cultural diversity, an abolition of the solidary levies for public service media should therefore be rejected.

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Tandem breastfeeding: baby and toddler (3.5 years)

I have been breastfeeding a baby and a toddler since our son was born in November 2014. So I am not only a "long term nursing" but now also a "tandem nursing". Totally crazy to think that with our girl, I still thought a breastfeeding relationship ended after about 6 months (with the introduction of complementary foods). I have now been breastfeeding for over 3.5 years and a sibling for 6 weeks. Amazing how views can change through knowledge…

Breastfeeding during pregnancy


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Mecklenburg is wine country: burg stargard has long winemaking tradition

Where to go if you are interested in castles and viticulture? To Mecklenburg. Yes, don't smirk knowing better. To Mecklenburg. Picturesquely framed by seven hills, near Neubrandenburg lies the small town of Burg Stargard. Up to 2000 bottles of Mecklenburg country wine are bottled here every year.

Stargard Castle is the northernmost hilltop castle in Germany

On the castle hill, 50 meters above the city, the medieval Stargard Castle stands as a witness to a significant past. It is the only preserved hilltop castle in northern Germany! Built more than 750 years ago, it is also the northernmost hilltop castle in Germany and the oldest secular building in what is now Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. It was once built as the court castle of the Margraves of Brandenburg.

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Loewe: believers vote on tuesday

The believers will have marked the date thickly in the calendar. On 19. November is the meeting of all those who have demands on loewe. These are, for example, banks or suppliers. You will certainly decide on the future of loewe on tuesday: the so-called audit and voting meeting in coburg is coming up. The believers are then confronted with the further plans of the company. The public is excluded from the meeting.

There are now two options at the review and voting meeting:
either the creditors approve loewe’s reorganization plan or they do not. Both times, this had rough consequences for loewe’s future:

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