Poll: slight majority for union and fdp

Most citizens (51 percent) are in favor of a rough coalition, according to the survey published on friday by the election research group, and only 35 percent are in favor of black-yellow.

According to the survey, the governing coalition of CDU/CSU and FDP has 47 percent of the vote, while the opposition of SPD, greens and left-wing party together has 46 percent. The institute points out, however, that the 20. Up to 22. The representative survey conducted in august is not reliable, if only because of the statistical error margins. These are around plus/minus three percentage points for a 40 percent share of the vote and around two points for a ten percent share.

In the polls on who should lead the chancellorship, incumbent angela merkel (CDU) remains well ahead of her SPD challenger peer steinbruck: 63 percent want merkel, 29 percent steinbruck. Merkel also remains in first place on the list of the ten most popular politicians, followed by finance minister wolfgang schauble (CDU) and SPD parliamentary party leader frank-walter steinmeier.

Steinbruck ranks in seventh place.

The CDU/CSU is again at 41 percent in the survey, while the FDP has gained one point and is now at 6 percent. The SPD remains unchanged at 25 percent and the left at 8 percent. The greens also remain at 13 percent. All other parties fall below 3 percent each.

Only 18 percent expect the SPD to make significant gains before the general election. 78 percent do not believe it. Even among the SPD supporters, the pessimists are in the majority at 60 percent.

38 percent would like a red-green coalition. When it comes to social justice, however, most citizens do not trust a red-green government to make any decisive changes. Only 28 percent think things will be fairer in germany then.

In the federal election on 22. September around 61.8 million germans in germany are eligible to vote. With 31.8 million, women are clearly in the majority. A good third of the electorate is over 60 years old. The leading candidates of the parties will appear at dozens of events throughout germany in the coming weeks. In addition, the parties advertise with large posters and TV commercials.

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