Sleep well with natural room scents

Natural room scents create a relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom and can help you fall asleep better. Learn what scents make for a peaceful night and how to make your own air fresheners easily.

Stress and tension have no place in the bedroom. For a deep and restful sleep, you should be in a calm, relaxed state if possible. Room fragrances can help. At the same time they create a nice mood. Whether it’s pine, lavender or rose, our olfactory center is closely connected to the limbic system in the brain, from which sensory perception is controlled. This also works when we sleep: smells can positively influence the emotions we have when dreaming. In addition, essential oils and fragrances can help to calm down better before falling asleep. Why don’t you try it out.

Important: when choosing your room fragrance, look for natural ingredients. Especially in the bedroom, the room climate should be free of chemical substances.

These fragrances are suitable for the bedroom

  • Lavender provides a relaxing mood with a touch of Provence. The scent has a calming and balancing effect, and at the same time lightens the mood.
  • For hot summer nights, citrus scents, rosemary and mint are particularly suitable. They have a refreshing effect.
  • Chamomile, cinnamon and jasmine reduce stress.
  • Melissa, sage, stone pine or spruce provide relaxation.

Which scent source is right for me?

Once you’ve found your favorite scent, all that’s left to do is decide which source you’ll use to diffuse it: a fragrance stone, a fragrance lamp, a diffuser, or scent sticks. You can also scent your bedroom before you go to bed and then move the scent source to another room. This way the scent will not be too intense during bedtime.

  • Fragrance lamp – it usually works in such a way that a candle heats a small bowl, in which there is a mixture of oil and water, and so the scent spreads. Scented lamps create a cozy atmosphere, but the candle must be kept in mind and extinguished before sleeping.
  • Diffuser – comes as a device that plugs into an electrical outlet. It works like a humidifier that transports fragrances into the air in addition to water particles. Without electricity and water there are diffusers in the form of glass containers filled with oil. The scent is distributed here in the room via sticks.

Scented sachets or herbal pillows are also a great way to fall asleep. Place the pillows next to or under your pillow as desired. Filled with dried herbs, flowers, seeds and roots, they provide calming. Suitable are for example lavender, mugwort, hop blossoms, dill seeds, valerian root pieces, marjoram, lemon balm and passion flowers.

Place room scent correctly

Place your fragrance lamp or diffuser bottle in a safe place. Please do not place it over the heater or in a draft – the contents will evaporate too quickly. Never leave candles unattended! Also make sure that the burning time of candles does not exceed one hour, then the air will be saturated with the scent.

Make your own air freshener: this is how to do it!

Diffuser with personal favorite scent
Determine what the best scent for your bedroom is and make your own air freshener. Rely on your nose when choosing a fragrance and choose one that you can smell particularly well.

What you need:

  • a container, for example a nice glass bottle or an old canning jar
  • Wooden sticks made of bamboo or shish kebab skewers
  • 200 milliliters of sunflower oil or other odorless vegetable oil
  • essential oil of your choice with a scent that relaxes you

Preparation: fill the container with vegetable oil until it is half full. Add ten to 15 drops of essential oil and mix well. Rather start with a few drops and increase the amount until you like the smell intensity.

Dip one end of the sticks into the mixture, then turn them over. In this way, the fragrance immediately spreads throughout the room. If the scented jar stands in the room for a longer time, turn the sticks every now and then. This is how the fragrance oil spreads optimally and leaves your bedroom smelling nice for a long time, but discreetly.

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