Summer, sun, sun protection – here’s what we need to look out for now

Why is summer actually so popular? The answer seems to be obvious: Sure, because of the sun!
In fact: sun makes you happy. It warms us and the more it shines, the more we shine too. It feels good to fill up the sun tank again after a few dreary winter months. Nevertheless, caution is advised – although the sun is a real good-mood maker, it can be quite harmful to the skin.
We reveal how to properly protect your body over the next few months and what to look for when buying the right sun care products. So that you can enjoy your summer – without a guilty conscience and without sunburn at all!

Protection from UVA

When we sunbathe, we expose our bodies to invisible ultraviolet (UV) radiation. There are two types of UV rays: UVA and UVB. When applying a sunscreen, it is important to make sure that the sunscreen protects against both types of harmful radiation. UVB rays are the main cause of sunburn, but UVA rays can cause long-term skin damage such as pigmentation, wrinkles and serious skin diseases. When purchasing a sunscreen, make sure that the UV protection also provides protection from UVA rays. Many sunscreen tubes and packaging are already labeled with UVA seals, so you can tell right away which protection is right for you.

The right sun protection factor

The right sun protection factor is just as important when buying a sunscreen. As a general rule, everyone should use a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 30 in the summer, but sunscreen with SPF 50 would be better. Light skin types in particular should opt for a higher sun protection factor.

Apply sunscreen correctly

One should always put on sunscreen – whether in the blazing sun or in the shade. Since UV rays can penetrate thin fabrics, the body should also be protected under airy clothing.
The sun protection factor tells us how much longer than usual our skin can be exposed to the sun. So SPF 50 means that we can stay in the sun 50 times longer than without the sunscreen. Caution: Reapplying sunscreen does not prolong protection, but only maintains it! Nevertheless, you should reapply sunscreen about every 2 hours – because friction, water and perspiration can cause the sunscreen to wear off, jeopardizing the comprehensive protection of your skin.

The positive effect of the sun

By the way: Sun in moderation can also be healthy – because under sun exposure the body forms vitamin D, which strengthens especially our bones but also our muscles and the immune system. For sufficient vitamin D formation, however, extensive sunbathing is not necessary – for this, about 15 minutes outdoors every day is enough.

Summer, sun, beach vacation?

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