Warranty for mattress and sleeping system


It is important to us that you enjoy your mattress and sleep system for a long time.

RELAX motorized frames come with a 2-year warranty on fittings and drive. RELAX bed systems and mattresses are guaranteed for 10 years against damage due to material and manufacturing defects, minus the customer's share. The customer share depends on the years of use: In the third year of use, the warranty coverage is reduced by 20% and in each of the following years by 10%, so that in the third year of use 20%, in the fourth 30%, in the fifth 40%, etc., are reduced. are to be calculated as customer share. Mattress covers are excluded from the warranty due to their different use.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Tips for proper care and handling

To help you enjoy your mattress for a long time, here are some tips on proper care and handling:

Changeover to the new sleeping pad

It is completely normal that the complete musculoskeletal system must first adjust to the new bed system and/or. must be moved. In the case of sensitive persons, there may even be physical counter-reactions at the beginning. This is completely normal and not a quality defect or reason for complaint. It is also often a sign that your sleeping surface may not have been optimally adjusted to your body. Under certain circumstances, the body can adjust to your new RELAX bed system within 2 – 3 days. However, the changeover can also take up to 4 weeks if you e.g. have previously slept for 10 – 15 years on a different or no longer suitable base.


Damage to the cover or core of your RELAX mattress is often caused by the use of an unsuitable slatted frame or. unadjusted system.

Length / Width

Mattresses must be inserted into the bed frame or. fit the bed frame, therefore a plus-minus tolerance of 30 mm in length and width is permissible for your high-quality bed system / mattress (lt. oNORM EM 1334). The dimensions may change due to transport and storage. Shake the mattress up vigorously or pull it into its original shape if there are any dimensional discrepancies. Especially with latex mattresses, deviations can occur due to upright storage. This is completely normal and does not affect the quality in any way.

loss of hardness and slight hollowing

Mattresses must conform to the body in order to provide optimal body adaptation. Also a slight hollowing in the pelvic area is possible. The positive lying behavior is not affected by this. This is a completely normal, mechanical behavior by the first uses and no complaint reason. Please contact your dealer if the depth of the hollow exceeds 20 mm. (Please remember your proof of purchase)

Tip: Measuring the hollow – Place the mattress core on the floor and lay a long broomstick or a long spirit level across the mattress and measure the distance to the bottom of the hollow. So that the complaint can be processed quickly, a photo of this hollowing helps.

Airing, turning& Hygiene

Good airing of the mattress improves hygiene and prevents mold growth. The formation of damp mildew stains or even mold is most reliably prevented by good ventilation and a room temperature of 14° – 20°C. Use the right bed system. Mildew is not a reason for complaint but is due to incorrect care or handling of the mattress.

Do not jerk the turning handles, otherwise the fabric or the quilting seams can tear out. The turning handles are not transport aids but are only suitable for turning.

For washing or cleaning the cover, refer to the sewn-in care label. It is essential to follow the washing instructions so that the cover does not take damage due to incorrect treatment. Use only mild detergent.

Own smell

Mattresses are packed airtight with PE foil for hygienic reasons. After removal from the foil bag, the mattress may have an inherent odor, as you know it from many new products. Health impairments are not associated with it. The mattresses all correspond to the most modern human ecological knowledge.

Tip: Air your mattress sufficiently so that after a few days you will only notice a slight odor or none at all.

The RELAX natural latex mattresses and pillows as well as the Harmonie, Melodie and Sinfonie mattress covers are regularly tested by the Quality Association of Environmentally Compatible Latex Mattresses e.V. checked and certified according to stregen criteria.

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