Kupser mayor schneider criticized

The mayor of kups, herbert schneider (no party affiliation), has privately used vehicles and machines belonging to the municipality for the construction of a house.

We reported on this in january, after we had learned about it through an anonymous letter. As a result, the bill committee demanded a statement from the mayor. Subsequently, this topic was no longer discussed in public.

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Tandem breastfeeding: baby and toddler (3.5 years)

I have been breastfeeding a baby and a toddler since our son was born in November 2014. So I am not only a "long term nursing" but now also a "tandem nursing". Totally crazy to think that with our girl, I still thought a breastfeeding relationship ended after about 6 months (with the introduction of complementary foods). I have now been breastfeeding for over 3.5 years and a sibling for 6 weeks. Amazing how views can change through knowledge…

Breastfeeding during pregnancy


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Tips for finding a lawyer for family law in isernhagen

Of all areas of law, family law is the most emotionally difficult. A separation or even a divorce is for the affected family members a deep cut in their previous life and often in their financial situation. Therefore it is important to look for a lawyer as a competent partner, who is a companion in this emotional exceptional situation. In order to limit damage in time already in the run-up, legal advice is important in an early phase. Because often a lack of knowledge about legal facts and contexts leads to disputes about alleged facts that do not exist.

Family law attorneys in Isernhagen are experienced in assisting you with your separation, divorce or spousal support disputes every step of the way: from the initial phone consultation to the court hearing. The clients and their problems are always in the center of attention, and together we work out sustainable results on the subject of maintenance, contact, custody and equalization of gains, division of the household, and pension entitlements. The fields of work with the legal field of family law of a law firm in Isernhagen are usually versatile: They should include comprehensive advice, out-of-court representation, but also representation in court.

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The 30 best quotes by fritz perls

The 30 best quotes by Fritz Perls

The quotes of Fritz Perls still inspire us today. He is a co-founder of Gestalt therapy along with his wife Laura Perls and the sociologist Paul Goodman. Perls has always encouraged people to achieve well-being in different areas of their existence through a creative approach, recognition of their feelings, and through attention.

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The way to becoming a feel-good person: how do you notice that you are overloaded??

Chronic stress puts the body on permanent alert. For many, the decisive shot across the proverbial bow comes only when the first physical symptoms of chronic stress become apparent. Yet we could be much more powerful, self-determined and satisfied if we mastered the interplay of tension and relaxation as the piano game of life in the first place. But to do that, it's important to learn to listen to physical and psychological signals. How can you tell that you are overworked??

Life as a piano game: tension, relaxation, tension ..

The first signs of overload creep into everyday life rather quietly. They are so insidious that we simply suppress them at first. Not infrequently we pass off tiredness, lack of concentration and bad moods as temporary problems. At some point these signs become a habit for us. The state of overload feels so typical to us that we think it is a normal condition. We don't know it any differently. Tiredness in the morning has become almost a societal stereotype. People who, despite several hours of sleep, shuffle into the kitchen in the morning and make themselves a coffee with half-closed eyelids as if automatically. Many of us also counter the 2 p.m. low with sufficient caffeine. Me as well.
The usual concentration problems can be solved by a little sugar boost, we think. When exhausted and tired, some people are prone to downright ravenous appetites. The body demands energy. Chocolate, fries and burgers are not far away. But these are also hard to digest. With the result that we feel even more exhausted afterwards. A vicious cycle.

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“A signal against the headscarf”

Today, the Bundestag passed a law on the "appearance of civil servants" adopted. It is to regulate among other things the handling with tattoos again. The law also provides for possible headscarf bans. What will it change? MEDIENDIENST has spoken with experts.

Prospective teachers in seminar. Experts say that women who wear headscarves are already unsettled in their career planning by existing bans. The law could create further uncertainty. Photo: picture alliance (symbolic image)

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