Puppy falco to support blind master, but martin rutter is concerned

Great excitement at Wolfgang in Austria: The blind composer and musician has great hopes for puppy Falco. In the future, the white German shepherd should accompany him every step of his life – just as his predecessor Amadeus once did. “Dog Pro” Martin Rutter is skeptical at first.

When a puppy moves in, it’s always a very special moment. In the current episode of “Martin Rutter – The Puppies are Coming” (Sundays, 5 p.m., on RTL), the arrival of puppy Falco at Wolfgang Niegelhell’s home in Austria is particularly emotional, however, because: The 56-year-old went blind within a very short time 30 years ago after an eye attack. “For me, a world collapsed at that moment”, Wolfgang remembers “but I have a great, exciting life today, I am a musician and composer by profession”. The white German shepherd puppy Falco is to support him as a guide dog for the blind in everyday life and give him more independence again.

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The gastric balloon

People in Germany are getting fatter and fatter. According to a report by the DGE (Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Ernahrung e. V.), 59 percent of men and 37 percent of women are already overweight. [1] People who are overweight (obesity) often suffer from concomitant diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes or cardiovascular problems and an increased risk of heart attack or stroke. In addition, there may be social discrimination, isolation or depression. In addition to genetic factors or metabolic diseases, poor diet and lack of exercise are the main causes of excess adipose tissue formation. In such cases, a gastric balloon can help to reduce weight permanently.

What is the aim of a gastric balloon treatment??

The main goal of all treatment methods for obesity is to reduce overweight and thus the risk factors for serious diseases. For patients with a BMI over 27, gastric balloon therapy can contribute to effective weight loss success, allowing them to participate more actively and confidently in social life again. In most cases, people suffering from obesity do not manage to reduce their weight permanently on their own. The intragastric balloon offers – without surgical intervention – a simple and effective way to achieve a significant and lasting weight loss. A gastric balloon is used to reduce the volume of the stomach, allowing patients to eat significantly less food. A healthy diet and plenty of exercise should always be an integral part of this therapeutic measure.

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Healthy surfcamp: beginners and beginners available all year round (2 hours a day)

Surfing for beginners in the Canary Islands (Lanzarote, Famara) – Beginners Camp. Calimasurf HIGHLY recommends our “Healthy Surfing” package for beginners.
Calimasurf we offer the absolutely recommended healthy surfing camp for adults all year round.
In this camp there are lessons during the morning of 10.00 to 12.00 and then in the afternoon we offer other activities and functional exercises designed to quickly advance in the learning process. You will learn with new techniques and advanced teaching systems. We have a special gym with a projection room and the most modern surf lessons (The Drysurf Systembalance and Gyroboards) so you can progress quickly and feel your development on a daily basis. So you just have to choose the time of your stay and be guided by professionals. We offer camps from 3 to 14 days including accommodation. Can you imagine a better plan? In the morning, the surfing course is carried out (10:00 a 12:00). To guarantee a correct learning and safety, there is a maximum of 8 students per teacher, who also have a lifeguard license. In the afternoon (17:30 a 19:00) Tuesday and Friday we will organize different healthy activities in the Calimasurf gym or outdoors in the surroundings exclusively for our students.We will perform exercises designed to improve your surfing, as well as a photo analysis with error correction using the photos of the entire group of that week. We are open all year round, you can come on the day of your choice and the program will start the day after your arrival.

The Healthy Surf Camp includes:

  • Accommodation in the nature reserve just 100 meters from the beach of Famara. Private room with 1 or 2 beds in the Surf House (for 1 or 2 people)
  • Daily cleaning in the general areas of the house and bedding (sheets, blankets and towels)
  • Every day 2 hours surf lessons for beginners
  • Maximum 8 students per instructor
  • Qualified surf instructors with title (Canary Federation and B.S.A.) and lifeguard training
  • Transportation from our sports center in Famara to the lesson location
  • Theoretical and practical lessons
  • Two FREE sessions for 2 hours Tuesday and Friday
  • After the third day of lessons, all the material free of charge for free surfing
  • Tuesday and Friday healthy activities in the afternoon
  • Tuesday and Friday drysurf sessions with photo analysis and correction of mistakes (*5 days of lessons)
  • Liability insurance
  • All the necessary material (wetsuit, board, lycra and leash)
  • Informative dossier of the island upon your arrival
  • Wifi FREE in the whole house

And besides… All the material free of charge for the free surfing! If you are one of those who want even more, from the third day of the course, for the rest of the days you have booked surf lessons, after the surf lessons, you will have all the surf equipment at your disposal (softboard, wetsuit, lycra and leash). You must return this equipment to the surf school before 18:00.

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Further training in the health sector: nutritionist

You are interested in healthy nutrition and regular exercise? You like to cook and try new things? You regularly read about the latest nutrition tips and enjoy studying the nutritional information on packages? Your own weight is an important concern for you? But you understand people with their needs and like to share your knowledge? Then why not become a nutritionist?

This is definitely a profession with a future, because obesity and overweight are an increasing problem in the fast fast-food society, which costs the health care system enormous sums of money every year. Many people have also discovered the importance of good nutrition and healthy weight and are seeking expert advice to improve their personal habits. Ideal starting conditions to combine personal interests with professional perspectives.

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