Become a reading mentor

The world of books, stories, documentaries and fairy tales is fascinating. Especially little people are enthusiastic and can’t get enough of stories that stimulate their imagination and inspire them.

Reading something to children is itself great fun, because you have the opportunity to let yourself fall completely into the story and to emphasize it wonderfully, embellish it, and still talk about individual passages afterwards. Every mother and father knows that. But, unfortunately, every parent knows how much time is often needed to read to children with interest and concentration. One is sometimes only glad if the aunt, the grandfather or sometimes the big sister takes over this part.

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“A signal against the headscarf”

Today, the Bundestag passed a law on the "appearance of civil servants" adopted. It is to regulate among other things the handling with tattoos again. The law also provides for possible headscarf bans. What will it change? MEDIENDIENST has spoken with experts.

Prospective teachers in seminar. Experts say that women who wear headscarves are already unsettled in their career planning by existing bans. The law could create further uncertainty. Photo: picture alliance (symbolic image)

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