Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (adhs) chaos in the head

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) not only affects up to seven percent of all children and adolescents in Germany, but also up to 4.5 percent of all adults. ADHD can lead to limitations and problems in everyday life, at work and in private life, reduce the self-esteem of those affected and cause avoidance behavior and addiction problems.

Symptoms and complaints of ADHD How to recognize ADHD

Difficulty concentrating, frequent inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity: these main symptoms of ADHD can be pronounced in different ways. The line between normality and illness is blurred. Only when a “certain level” is exceeded should one speak of a “disorder”. But what is a “certain level”? Answering this question is not at all easy, and it is what makes the clear diagnosis of ADHD so challenging.

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Healthy lying – dynamic lying

1. Health is a life process – not a consumer product
2. Life means movement – so does sleep
3. The learning capacity of the human nervous system
4. Restructure the body – or lose yourself in the mattress
5. The theory of the "spine-friendly" mattress
6. The weak points of the spine.

1. Health is a process of life – not a consumer product

When buying a mattress, the question naturally arises as to whether there are certain health criteria to consider when making a choice. Because today there is hardly a person who is not affected in some way by low back pain.

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On the castle: float and shine!

You have to muddle your way up the steep, partly stony path and then this: traffic jams! In the middle of the bridge, on the way to cool refreshment! As the midfield of the half-marathon at the world cultural heritage run puffs up the hill, a line forms through the archway of altenburg castle, just like at the supermarket checkout counter.

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“How can we better bring science and business together??”

Do we have a problem with technology transfer? Well not really. But something does. This could be the quintessence of the Werner-von-Siemens-Ring Foundation's event on 7. September 2016 in Berlin were.

Moderated by Jan-Martin Wiarda, Dr. Ole Janssen, sub-department head at the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, Dr.-Ing. Thomas Kathofer, Chief Executive of the Federation of Industrial Research Associations, Dr. Andreas Keller, vice-chairman of the German Education and Science Union and Prof. Dr. Georg Rosenfeld, Director of Technology Marketing and Business Models at the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft the questions of whether we need new bridges for research and technology transfer. Which pillars should probably be rammed in, strengthened or extended??

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A german “prost!” on siberia

The Siberian city of Tomsk is a place with history and full of life. And with a brewery among the most popular in Russia. Founded by a German, it is now owned by a Russian-German.

It was Tsar Boris Godunov who issued the order to build a city on the Tom River in the heart of Siberia in 1604. Thus Tomsk is 100 years older than St. Petersburg and 300 years older than the current political capital of Siberia, Novosibirsk. Siberian Tatars gave the town its still valid symbol – a rearing white horse. For the nomads were highly esteemed breeders of noble horses.

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Further training in the health sector: nutritionist

You are interested in healthy nutrition and regular exercise? You like to cook and try new things? You regularly read about the latest nutrition tips and enjoy studying the nutritional information on packages? Your own weight is an important concern for you? But you understand people with their needs and like to share your knowledge? Then why not become a nutritionist?

This is definitely a profession with a future, because obesity and overweight are an increasing problem in the fast fast-food society, which costs the health care system enormous sums of money every year. Many people have also discovered the importance of good nutrition and healthy weight and are seeking expert advice to improve their personal habits. Ideal starting conditions to combine personal interests with professional perspectives.

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