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As of now, we no longer offer internships for financial reasons.

With only 20 euros a month you can sponsor a child and guarantee a better future for him or her.

Manfred Weber elected to succeed Elfriede Sub Erlingen, founder of the children's aid project

In order to secure the future for the association "Future for Children- Zukunft fur Kinder" in the long term, Elfriede Sub was pleased to have found an adequate successor for her heart's affair. Manfred Weber was born on 12.11.22 in the context of an extraordinary general meeting unanimously as 1. Chairman and successor to Elfriede Sub Erlingen elected – Founder of the children's aid project "Future-for-Children.e.V." 2004.

"I am me and you are you!"Action of the kindergarten Biberbach for the kindergarten in Sri Lanka

The children's charity "Zukunft fur Kinder" under the direction of Elfriede Sub from Erlingen and monk Sadu from Sri Lanka, who is currently in Germany, were happy about the relief action of the "Kindergarten Biberbach" and a donation of 600 €.

As a welcome the children sang with Brigitte Kessinger on the guitar "We are sun children" – Yes we are unique, simply ingenious!". Franziska Engemann, the head of the daycare center, and the deputy head of the school. Head Brigitte Kessinger handed over the proceeds from the big flea market action. Things that are not needed anymore were collected and sold.

Internship in the partner school International understanding with empathy

Meitinger in Sri Lanka with "Future for Children

Nina Berger from Meitingen was able to make a special visit to the children's aid project "Future for Children" in the UNESCO Village, Kosgoda Sri-Lanka, and complete an internship there in the school of the aid project, which was established 16 years ago under the leadership of Elfriede Sub from Erlingen and Monk Sadu. In the classes, in which Nina was allowed to try herself out in the lessons, especially the girls were very curious and open-minded. The boys stayed in the background at the beginning, but became more and more willing to talk in their own way.

300 students are currently enjoying the lessons. 1-11 classes – up to high school graduation – are available. 96 children are currently being cared for in the kindergarten. Over the years, more than 650 students have graduated from the school, enabling them to pursue a wide variety of careers. Nina was able to experience a somewhat different world, but because of the English lessons – there from kindergarten – she was able to find her way linguistically quite well in the classes. Especially the elementary school students had a lot of fun with her, painted pictures for her and made small presents for her. Experiencing school in a completely different culture was very exciting for 19-year-old Nina., because she wants to start a nearby study here at home in September.

The project, which was supported by UNESCO, Malteser and many others and is still kept alive today, also by school sponsors, is one of the most sustainable school and education projects that exist worldwide. The sponsor school Realschule Meitingen keeps regular contact. Another school has inquired and is interested in this culture and its everyday school life.

Graduation ceremony sponsor school Realschule Meitingen – Future for Children Sri Lanka Ad astra! "Reaching for the stars!"

There was also a place of honor this year in the graduation ceremony of the Realschule Meitingen / Patenschule for the board members Elfriede Weglehner and Hildegard Steiner, representing Elfriede Sub from Erlingen/Meitingen, founder of the children's aid organization in Sri Lanka, who is always grateful for this "educational aid", which helps the children and young people in their home country to get a decent start in life.

80. Birthday Elfriede Sub from Erlingen

Award "Malteser badge of honor in gold

"I am too young to be so old!"This saying came from a well-known actress. This is probably also true of Elfriede Sub, who is still very active and flies back and forth between the continents several times a year, taking care of her heart's desire, her project "Zukunft fur Kinder – future for children!" cares. Yes, of course, there are a few twinges here and there, she says, but basically the jubilarian is extremely fit. It enjoys having guests around and always has an open house, both in Erlingen and Sri Lanka, where you can always enjoy a glass of wine, coffee and cake or a hearty meal.

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