How is traffic managed ?

Traffic in and around bad kissingen has developed in recent years. The way the city deals with traffic on its streets, however, is hardly. A new and comprehensive concept is to help make up for the accumulated deficits and build a bridge for the inner-city traffic of the future.

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30 Fewer accidents than in the previous year

Actually, the decline in the number of accidents last year is cause for celebration. 568 times it crashed, in the year 2017 there had been still 598 accidents. However, these figures should not obscure the fact that it is mainly minor accidents that occur less frequently. The number of injured even increased compared to the previous year. In addition, there were two fatalities on the roads in the altlandkreis district.

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Eu takes new approach to reform step in co2 trading

This wednesday, the strabburg plenum is expected to say yes after all when it votes in the second attempt on the reform step by eu climate commissioner connie hedegaard. The signs are favorable: some christian democrats have switched from opposing reform to supporting it after finding a compromise with social democrats and liberals.

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Plant cauliflower

Cauliflower (Brassica oleracea var. botrytis) is probably one of the vegetables with the most different names. In addition to cauliflower, it is known as grape cabbage, cheese cabbage, cauliflower, flowering cabbage, minaret cabbage or Italian cabbage. This versatility is also reflected in the range of varieties on offer.

Advance cauliflower
Cauliflower in close-up

Cauliflower is one of the more demanding cabbages, but growing it is still worthwhile. Provided you take a few tips to heart, you will be rewarded with a bountiful harvest and a versatile vegetable.

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Warranty for mattress and sleeping system

It is important to us that you enjoy your mattress and sleep system for a long time.

RELAX motorized frames come with a 2-year warranty on fittings and drive. RELAX bed systems and mattresses are guaranteed for 10 years against damage due to material and manufacturing defects, minus the customer's share. The customer share depends on the years of use: In the third year of use, the warranty coverage is reduced by 20% and in each of the following years by 10%, so that in the third year of use 20%, in the fourth 30%, in the fifth 40%, etc., are reduced. are to be calculated as customer share. Mattress covers are excluded from the warranty due to their different use.

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Get to the point – legalese was yesterday’s news!

"You won't be able to write a normal love letter in two or three semesters," predicted Prof. Dr. Haberle in 1. Semester in the first constitutional law lecture. Everybody laughed, nobody guessed how right he would be. Neither do I.

Legal training shapes the way we think. But it also shapes the way lawyers communicate orally and in writing. Of course, legal jargon has its justification. Nouns, multiple relative clauses and passive constructions are not nice here either, but they are common practice. Lawyers should therefore refrain from using this "foreign language", especially in marketing communication – i.e. in communication with laypersons.

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Soil and straw only

How to get storage vegetables through the winter in a simple way.

Looking serenely at the beets, which seemed to be making themselves comfortable on a bed of straw, he said, "That's where they are now. Certainly they tell each other all winter long stories."Matthias Fersterer, Oya editor at Klein-Jasedow, helped last year to create the windrow in which the beet harvest from our field was to be stored over the winter. His comment made me realize how much vitality is in these roots. If I replanted them the following year, they would bloom and give us seed.

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Mecklenburg is wine country: burg stargard has long winemaking tradition

Where to go if you are interested in castles and viticulture? To Mecklenburg. Yes, don't smirk knowing better. To Mecklenburg. Picturesquely framed by seven hills, near Neubrandenburg lies the small town of Burg Stargard. Up to 2000 bottles of Mecklenburg country wine are bottled here every year.

Stargard Castle is the northernmost hilltop castle in Germany

On the castle hill, 50 meters above the city, the medieval Stargard Castle stands as a witness to a significant past. It is the only preserved hilltop castle in northern Germany! Built more than 750 years ago, it is also the northernmost hilltop castle in Germany and the oldest secular building in what is now Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. It was once built as the court castle of the Margraves of Brandenburg.

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