Nutrition during pregnancy: the most important nutrients for mother and child

Calories and macronutrients in the diet of an expectant mother

Everyone is still talking about the fact that a pregnant woman has to eat for two. It is true that an expectant mother should take care in her diet that her growing child and she herself are provided with the sufficient amount of nutrients – twice the amount of calories must be consumed, respectively. should you nevertheless not take to itself.

Don't double down on calories

Did you know that the calorie requirement is only slightly increased during pregnancy?
On average, an expectant mother needs from ca. the 13. Pregnancy week only 250 kilocalories (kcal) more than before pregnancy. From the 25. In the second week of pregnancy the requirement increases a little bit, but also from this time on the requirement is only 500 kcal higher.
Pregnant women do not need to eat many more calories – certainly not twice as many.

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Baby toys – the best ideas for the first months of life

With the right baby toy you can stimulate your child’s senses. We give tips for the purchase and present suitable products for different months of life.

As soon as the baby is born, it begins to discover its environment. Newborns love the smell of their mother and listen to the voice of their father. While sleeping and drinking take up most of the time in a baby’s life. But if your child is awake and full, he will look at his surroundings with interest. Already after a few weeks it sees sharper and soon also reaches for first things. As they get older, good baby toys stimulate their senses and provide variety. Often it also offers many common play ideas for child and parents and thus a great experience time.

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