Why do we sweat? Myths and facts about perspiration

Some will say here, what a stupid question. Because the formation of sweat is a natural and important process for cooling down the body.

Everybody sweats, and that's perfectly all right.

It would be worrying only if one would not sweat any more!

Our sweat glands secrete fluids and salts, especially during sports or in stressful situations.

This cools down the body by evaporation of the liquid and has a calming effect. That's how we can still function properly under heavy loads.

Without sweat, our bodies would overheat within a short time.

But not all sweat is the same.

In some cases, depending on the circumstances, it is necessary to differentiate between normal perspiration and a trigger other than physical or psychological stress.

This is especially unpleasant in situations when you don't need or want cooling at all.

So it can happen that you start sweating even in moments of rest at work or at home.

What exactly causes? More on this below.

Normal sweating behavior or pathological sweating – recognizing differences

The differences between excessive sweating and normal sweating often become blurred because sweating is dependent on a great many factors, including:

  • Body weight
  • Nutrition
  • Intensity and frequency of exercise
  • Genetic predisposition
  • Medications or preparations taken
  • And many other factors

Therefore, it is impossible to say in general whether one really suffers from a pathological sweating, or everything is still within the limits of normal.

Sweating during sports

Sweating during sports

With normal sweating behavior, the indications are quite simple to recognize. Here, you only sweat in situations where your body is running at full speed, such as during sports or in extreme heat.

This is where your body needs a cool down, and keeps you feeling great.

But it is also not uncommon to experience increased sweating in situations of intense emotional stress.

People with mental health issues, for example, may experience increased sweating.

However, this has no connection with pathological sweating.

Sweating due to stress

It is different for people who start sweating in everyday situations without any stress. Here it can be that it is a pathological sweating.

If the problem is very acute, then a visit to the doctor is recommended.

Otherwise, aspects such as good personal hygiene are essential.

Diet against sweating

In addition, a balanced life with sports and a healthy diet, is a good remedy for many symptoms in the body and mind.

If this does not help, then there are numerous products that can bring sweating under control.

So antiperspirants from the pharmacy can provide a quick and easy remedy here.

Specialized clothing that allows sweat to evaporate through membranes, while keeping outerwear, like a shirt or blouse dry, are good ways to feel good throughout the day, despite sweating. Also a sweat-proof boxer shorts can help you.

In general, you should not worry too much about sweating, because there are many ways to actively control it.

For a quick solution to reduce sweat odor and sweat stains, we recommend our high-quality anti-sweat T-shirts for men and anti-sweat blouses for women.

And if all this does not help, your family doctor will be happy to give you further recommendations. We hope this article could help you and wish you good luck!

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