Pain: when it hurts and how to relieve it

Everybody knows them and nobody wants them – pain. It is disturbing and unpleasant, yet it is an important protective mechanism of our brain. Acute pain has a necessary warning function to prevent tissue damage, and it informs us where irritations, wounds or inflammations have occurred. In addition, there are acute pains of a neurological nature that are triggered by certain movements or in certain situations.

What does our brain want to tell us with it actually?

The classic case of reaching for the hot stove top shows that our sense of pain often saves us from serious injury and leads to important learning processes as early as childhood. But there is also the chronic pain, which can be provocatively described as misinformation of the brain. Chronic pain persists even though its actual cause has already subsided. Here, our nervous system no longer regulates inhibition as it should. That makes for many humans, who suffer from it, the everyday life heavily.

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Mutations: when errors creep into the blueprint of life

Our body is a true miracle. However, it can only function if the proteins produced on the basis of the DNA do not have any defects and fulfill their tasks as workers and building materials of the cells as planned. But sometimes misspellings occur in DNA. These errors are called mutations.

Defects can affect single bases, gene segments or even whole sets of chromosomes

-Damage can occur in different places in the. If they don’t fix them, mutations occur:

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The 30 best quotes by fritz perls

The 30 best quotes by Fritz Perls

The quotes of Fritz Perls still inspire us today. He is a co-founder of Gestalt therapy along with his wife Laura Perls and the sociologist Paul Goodman. Perls has always encouraged people to achieve well-being in different areas of their existence through a creative approach, recognition of their feelings, and through attention.

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Montessori approaches to sleep

When people associate the term "Montessori" with sleep, it often refers to developing independence around sleep and bedtime.

It is important to note that Dr. Montessori never wrote about sleep and that there is no single approach that all Montessori parents (or teachers) agree on.

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Healthy surfcamp: beginners and beginners available all year round (2 hours a day)

Surfing for beginners in the Canary Islands (Lanzarote, Famara) – Beginners Camp. Calimasurf HIGHLY recommends our “Healthy Surfing” package for beginners.
Calimasurf we offer the absolutely recommended healthy surfing camp for adults all year round.
In this camp there are lessons during the morning of 10.00 to 12.00 and then in the afternoon we offer other activities and functional exercises designed to quickly advance in the learning process. You will learn with new techniques and advanced teaching systems. We have a special gym with a projection room and the most modern surf lessons (The Drysurf Systembalance and Gyroboards) so you can progress quickly and feel your development on a daily basis. So you just have to choose the time of your stay and be guided by professionals. We offer camps from 3 to 14 days including accommodation. Can you imagine a better plan? In the morning, the surfing course is carried out (10:00 a 12:00). To guarantee a correct learning and safety, there is a maximum of 8 students per teacher, who also have a lifeguard license. In the afternoon (17:30 a 19:00) Tuesday and Friday we will organize different healthy activities in the Calimasurf gym or outdoors in the surroundings exclusively for our students.We will perform exercises designed to improve your surfing, as well as a photo analysis with error correction using the photos of the entire group of that week. We are open all year round, you can come on the day of your choice and the program will start the day after your arrival.

The Healthy Surf Camp includes:

  • Accommodation in the nature reserve just 100 meters from the beach of Famara. Private room with 1 or 2 beds in the Surf House (for 1 or 2 people)
  • Daily cleaning in the general areas of the house and bedding (sheets, blankets and towels)
  • Every day 2 hours surf lessons for beginners
  • Maximum 8 students per instructor
  • Qualified surf instructors with title (Canary Federation and B.S.A.) and lifeguard training
  • Transportation from our sports center in Famara to the lesson location
  • Theoretical and practical lessons
  • Two FREE sessions for 2 hours Tuesday and Friday
  • After the third day of lessons, all the material free of charge for free surfing
  • Tuesday and Friday healthy activities in the afternoon
  • Tuesday and Friday drysurf sessions with photo analysis and correction of mistakes (*5 days of lessons)
  • Liability insurance
  • All the necessary material (wetsuit, board, lycra and leash)
  • Informative dossier of the island upon your arrival
  • Wifi FREE in the whole house

And besides… All the material free of charge for the free surfing! If you are one of those who want even more, from the third day of the course, for the rest of the days you have booked surf lessons, after the surf lessons, you will have all the surf equipment at your disposal (softboard, wetsuit, lycra and leash). You must return this equipment to the surf school before 18:00.

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Ice cream: what’s in the delicious refreshment??

With hot temperatures, ice cream is just what you need. In the meantime, however, there are so many different varieties on offer that it is often difficult to find one’s way around. We show what varieties are available and what’s inside the cool treat.

Milk ice cream, fruit ice cream, water ice and co.What is what?
The term ice cream covers all types of ice cream except water ice. Since there are no specific quantity requirements regarding the milk or. fruit content, ice cream can also contain artificial fruit flavors instead of real fruit. The milk content in the form of whey or skimmed milk is usually 60 to 80 percent in ice cream, while the fat content is eight to ten percent.

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Continuing education scholarship what is it?

After successful completion of vocational training, young professionals are eligible for the continuing education grant. Performance-oriented and talented professionals under the age of 25 can use the continuing education scholarship to finance up to three years of interdisciplinary continuing education. Read here which requirements are needed for the scholarship and how to apply.

What is supported by the continuing education scholarship??

The German Federal Ministry of Education supports young professionals who have shown particular performance or talent during their training. A total of 6000 scholarships are awarded annually.

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Empty existential 5 tips to know what you should do with your life

Spiritual life cannot be understood only with the chemical reactions in our brain, because we feel emotions, have feelings, and perceive the world based on our experience and beliefs. In fact, we are all searching for meaning in our lives .

The meaning of life has captured the interest of various philosophical and psychological currents such as existentialism or humanism, and focuses on existence, consciousness and happiness, and involves many other issues such as ontology, purpose of life, ethics and free will, etc.

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