Training: it specialist for system integration

The job as an IT specialist for system integration is very versatile and future-proof – and just right for a technology and computer enthusiast like me! I am doing my apprenticeship at the system house NOWIS in Oldenburg. My activities include the networking of our customers’ offices, customer support and the area of IT security.

In addition, I have already managed servers and set up and commissioned many new computers. I work mostly in the office in a very nice and humorous team, where we plan and administrate the network structures of the customers together.

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Dusting: get it right with these tips

Dusting is a perpetual process: after all surfaces have been polished, only a few minutes later new dirt particles adhere to them again. What's particularly frustrating is that dust can't be avoided – but it can be eliminated (even if only briefly).

Ordinary house dust is made up of various tiny, tiny particles – such as dander and hair, lint and fabric or plant fibers, or even house dust mites and their droppings. For this reason, especially allergy sufferers need to dust at regular intervals. But which tools actually work best and can the (unfortunately unavoidable) dust infestation be reduced somehow?? We have gone to the bottom of the questions.

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Museums in philadelphia

Unique offerings in the modern cultural metropolis

The museum and art scene is not neglected in Philadelphia – the metropolis is famous for its museums and convinces with unique cultural offers. There are also numerous religious artifacts among the exhibits.

The second-largest city on the U.S. East Coast is an art lover's paradise, as evidenced not only by the multitude of murals, statues and sculptures on every corner and one of the largest art collections in the U.S. Exhibitions of all kinds, from the historical to the technical to the scientific, never fail to delight visitors.

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The gastric balloon

People in Germany are getting fatter and fatter. According to a report by the DGE (Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Ernahrung e. V.), 59 percent of men and 37 percent of women are already overweight. [1] People who are overweight (obesity) often suffer from concomitant diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes or cardiovascular problems and an increased risk of heart attack or stroke. In addition, there may be social discrimination, isolation or depression. In addition to genetic factors or metabolic diseases, poor diet and lack of exercise are the main causes of excess adipose tissue formation. In such cases, a gastric balloon can help to reduce weight permanently.

What is the aim of a gastric balloon treatment??

The main goal of all treatment methods for obesity is to reduce overweight and thus the risk factors for serious diseases. For patients with a BMI over 27, gastric balloon therapy can contribute to effective weight loss success, allowing them to participate more actively and confidently in social life again. In most cases, people suffering from obesity do not manage to reduce their weight permanently on their own. The intragastric balloon offers – without surgical intervention – a simple and effective way to achieve a significant and lasting weight loss. A gastric balloon is used to reduce the volume of the stomach, allowing patients to eat significantly less food. A healthy diet and plenty of exercise should always be an integral part of this therapeutic measure.

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Cutting and propagating strawberries – instructions

By no means does every amateur gardener have the time capacity to replace the plants in their strawberry patch with new specimens each year. Not to mention the financial burden of purchasing young plants, because who cultivates strawberries exclusively in the home garden?? Time-saving and cheaper proves to be a perennial culture, provided that the inhibitors in the old foliage are removed by a targeted pruning.

Strategically smart amateur gardeners during this growing season identify the most irreproachable mother plants, as a basis for agile offspring. The following instructions document how to smoothly succeed in the care aspects of cutting and propagating strawberries.

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Sleep well with natural room scents

Natural room scents create a relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom and can help you fall asleep better. Learn what scents make for a peaceful night and how to make your own air fresheners easily.

Stress and tension have no place in the bedroom. For a deep and restful sleep, you should be in a calm, relaxed state if possible. Room fragrances can help. At the same time they create a nice mood. Whether it’s pine, lavender or rose, our olfactory center is closely connected to the limbic system in the brain, from which sensory perception is controlled. This also works when we sleep: smells can positively influence the emotions we have when dreaming. In addition, essential oils and fragrances can help to calm down better before falling asleep. Why don’t you try it out.

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More and more private schools in germany – bye, bye educational equality?! (1)

Right at the beginning of the article, we make a contradiction: The number of private schools in Germany is growing rapidly. Long ago they ceased to be the exclusive preserve of the middle-class elite. Despite all this, the sword of Damocles of increasing educational inequality hangs over the German school system. The goal of access to education for all is still a long way off. Why?

Private or private schools? The run on education

After the summer vacation, first-graders everywhere are rushing to a wide variety of educational institutions – with expectations, concerns and wishes in their luggage. Some parents share the concerns of their children. Bullying in schoolyards, cancelled classes and dilapidated school buildings make parents' ears prick up. Starting school ends an odyssey for many fathers and mothers. Months, even years in advance, they attended "open days" at private school institutions to explore alternatives, checked out the public elementary school in their area that was responsible for them, considered switching to other public schools in the vicinity.
If one decides to hand over the institutional responsibility for the education of one's offspring to a private school, many parents begin to worry about school admission. Because not only the parents make a choice, also the schools.

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