It’s never too late for a fresh start

Business people in the health care sector are "active in various inpatient, day-care and outpatient facilities in the health and social services sector. Their area of deployment includes hospitals, care facilities, the preventive care and rehabilitation sector, rescue services and "medical self-administration facilities," as the curriculum states. One of them will be Martin Schwarz, who will complete his two-year retraining in the summer of 2023. Until then, the 37-year-old family man, who already has an apprenticeship and a decade of professional experience in the catering industry, will have to go back to school and complete internships.

Why retrain as a healthcare management assistant??

"The desire to reorient myself professionally arose with the birth of my son and became inevitable through Corona," Martin Schwarz looks back. "I knew that I wanted to continue doing something with people and also apply my commercial knowledge, but not yet what exactly I wanted to do and was initially unemployed for a year. In March 2021, I had a very nice conversation with a friendly employee of the employment agency and the prospect of being able to become a health care salesperson. Once the specific wish was established, everything happened very quickly. After one or the other application and job interview, the contracts were signed within a week and I could start on 1. I will start my two-year retraining program in April 2021, which will be financed through an education voucher."

Why the Euro Akademie Chemnitz?

"While some education providers only wanted a course to start with a certain minimum number of participants, the Euro Akademie in turn planned with a maximum of eight participants*, so rather less than more. This small group concept, the individual and practice-oriented work has convinced me, and in addition there is here an own commercial training firm, which is integrated into the German training firm ring – a company simulation with interactive business relations. Fictitious products for office management and wellness are offered, sales statistics and inventory lists are kept, marketing plans, ABC and SWOT analyses are created, and managing personnel is also possible," Martin Schwarz gives an insight into selected departments and tasks.

"The highlight was the training firm fair in winter 2021, but unfortunately it could only take place digitally. Mr. Schwarz sells with a lot of commitment and heart and also has the virtual booth of the class or. The training company was very well prepared and organized," praises Patrick Bergmann, who is a lecturer and marketing manager at the Euro Akademie Chemnitz.

Internship in the neighboring medical center

"I did my first internship (four months) in the medical care center at the market hall, where I was fully scheduled from the start and was allowed to lend a hand, organizationally and physically. I worked at the registration desk and gave advice, entered patients into the system, managed master data, billed prescriptions and wrote invoices, got to know prevention courses and therapy offers and, in particular, planned some myself for aquafitness."

Martin Schwarz will complete his second internship in the accounting department of the Chemnitz Hospital, which he was given because of his conscientious way of working, since the MVZ is a subsidiary of the hospital.

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