Kupser mayor schneider criticized

The mayor of kups, herbert schneider (no party affiliation), has privately used vehicles and machines belonging to the municipality for the construction of a house.

We reported on this in january, after we had learned about it through an anonymous letter. As a result, the bill committee demanded a statement from the mayor. Subsequently, this topic was no longer discussed in public.

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Child care and the role of the nanny

Today, many families have child care. This is often a nanny who takes care of the children when the parents are not there. Then it's that person who comforts the little ones, teaches them values and educates them. Therefore, it is important to choose a person for this task who shares your ideas about parenting.

Childcare and the role of the nanny

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How is traffic managed ?

Traffic in and around bad kissingen has developed in recent years. The way the city deals with traffic on its streets, however, is hardly. A new and comprehensive concept is to help make up for the accumulated deficits and build a bridge for the inner-city traffic of the future.

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30 Fewer accidents than in the previous year

Actually, the decline in the number of accidents last year is cause for celebration. 568 times it crashed, in the year 2017 there had been still 598 accidents. However, these figures should not obscure the fact that it is mainly minor accidents that occur less frequently. The number of injured even increased compared to the previous year. In addition, there were two fatalities on the roads in the altlandkreis district.

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Hochstadt: restaurateurs face an uncertain future

One could think that now that the restaurants are allowed to open again, everything will be fine. The guests get their beer, their bread or a good meal, and the landlords their money. You would think. Mirjam wellein tells a different story.

The owner of the “topflas lack of planning certainty. “Important would be that the policy makes a clear statement how the year looks”, she says. The fact that it is allowed to reopen its premises does not mean that all problems are solved. On the contrary, for most restaurateurs the crisis will continue for a few more months. It is about the calculation of the whole year, about festivals and concerts, which will also be cancelled in the future. “The regulations make it difficult for all restaurateurs to survive the year.”

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Eu takes new approach to reform step in co2 trading

This wednesday, the strabburg plenum is expected to say yes after all when it votes in the second attempt on the reform step by eu climate commissioner connie hedegaard. The signs are favorable: some christian democrats have switched from opposing reform to supporting it after finding a compromise with social democrats and liberals.

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Plant cauliflower

Cauliflower (Brassica oleracea var. botrytis) is probably one of the vegetables with the most different names. In addition to cauliflower, it is known as grape cabbage, cheese cabbage, cauliflower, flowering cabbage, minaret cabbage or Italian cabbage. This versatility is also reflected in the range of varieties on offer.

Advance cauliflower
Cauliflower in close-up

Cauliflower is one of the more demanding cabbages, but growing it is still worthwhile. Provided you take a few tips to heart, you will be rewarded with a bountiful harvest and a versatile vegetable.

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