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More than three quarters of a century ago, Adam Stegner founded a sawmill in Upper Franconia. This is how the ASS company started to set new standards in educational furniture. Classic and yet always reinvented, the products show themselves today. One of the inventions of the last 75 years is the robust PAGWOOD®. An innovative development is the all-round PU edge, which promises a long life for school furniture. ASS products show themselves welcome in every educational institution, because they form a combination of intelligent details as well as exquisite materials.

The world of ASS

Since 1937, the company has had production and assembly sites in Germany. “Made in Germany” also stands for ASS products:

  • good workmanship,
  • the use of modern technologies,
  • Environmental compatibility,
  • long service life,
  • high functionality,
  • social justice and for
  • high-quality materials.

The outstanding quality of the educational furniture is the responsibility of the skilled workers in the production plants.

The room concepts of the educational furnisher

ASS furnishes rooms for every form of teaching, be it frontal or flexible teaching. Whether the room is light or dark, small or large – the solution of the educational furnishers creatively responds to the structural conditions and the individual needs.

Specialized rooms need furniture that adapts to the environment. Such in the art room withstand wetness and dust. The furnishing of an IT room requires a high degree of functionality. A music room requires furniture with chairs matched to the respective instruments. ASS also offers well thought-out GS-approved special solutions for the library.

All-day schools need changeable furniture that allows learning and communication in classrooms and hallways. Those who need time out, retreat to comfortable furniture from ASS. The company’s furnishing ideas meet all the requirements for good all-day care.

The flexible furniture of the innovative educational furnishing company allows stacking and convenient storage, for example in multi-purpose rooms. This is shown to be essential in schools where space is at a premium. At lunchtime, it is necessary to feed the students in the canteen. In addition, the teachers need the furniture for their conferences and in the evening they use the visitors of the school’s own theater performance.

Special attention is paid to the administrative rooms. As the school’s flagship, the director’s office requires a facility with high standards. The furnishing of the teachers’ room makes concentrated work possible and in the consultation room there is a trusting atmosphere.

When developing the school furniture, one thing is important to the company: ergonomics. ASS is committed to contributing to the health of students by applying the latest scientific knowledge and its own research. The ergonomic furniture of the furnishings prevent posture problems as well as tensions.

The product range of the educational furniture

The school furniture manufacturer’s range includes safe chairs and tables, blackboards that don’t just hang on the wall, individual pieces of furniture as well as cabinets. Facts and details exist for each item. The company demonstrates its high quality through various seals and awards. You can learn more about the educational furnishing company ASS and its offer by clicking here.

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